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  1. Coldcloud

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    Since there has been alot of recent news about Archos new tablets I thought i would start a new thread for these new ones.

    First off Here is the Archos 32 Internet tablet with pictures at Archos 32 Internet "Tablet" hits the FCC, pictures and manual in tow -- Engadget

    Archos Gen 8 Tablet (3.2-inch variant) Specs Leaked | Android Phone Fans

    Talking about possible specs and accidental listing on JR's website.

    Archos Generation 8 Android tablet specs leaked - SlashGear

    So anyone else interested in a device of this size with android?? Personally i would love something this pocketable. Just give me market access, a decent camera, and tv out and i will be all over this. There is rumors this is going to be a ipod touch competitor and will be around $150. Anyone have any other thoughts on this or any other news?

  2. Coldcloud

    Coldcloud Well-Known Member

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