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  1. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    I just had this dropped off at my door by my local UPS driver :D. I figured I would get this to play around with until October when the one I really want comes out.

    It is my first Archos product, and the first tablet I will have actual hands on with. Once the battery is done charging and I have played with it for a while I will post an opinion/review of the product.

    I don't see much about this product on forums? does anyone else own one?

  2. Gianpaolo

    Gianpaolo Member

    Wich one did you buy? The 8 GB version (249.99€ in Italy) or the one with 250 GB HD (299.99€)?
    I am really interested in this device and I will read very carefully your opinion-review.
  3. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    I bought the 8GB model. It is the only one that is available to us in the US.

    And the battery is still charging. I hope this means it, like the next gen coming out soon, will hold a long charge of 10-12 hours. (I am assuming this since its been almost 3 hours of charging)

    I also just noticed Archos is claiming this on their site:
  4. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Well-Known Member

    I bought the 8GB the day it was released. It's pretty cool, but would be awesome if it had a capacitive screen. Oh, here's a tidbit, I reinstalled the OS a few days after I got it in and tripled the battery life of the unit.
  5. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    Okay, here we go. Prepare for a novel.

    First Impressions
    First thing I noticed upon turning it on, is you have to hold the power button for 3-5 seconds in order for it to register as being changed from on to off and vice versa. Not a problem actually. I think I may like this, as it wont be so easy to turn off by mistake. Plus in order to turn the device off after holding the button (its actually more of a switch), you then have to confirm on the screen, yes or no. So this might be a good thing. It's defiantly not a bad thing, its just new to me.

    The first thing I did after going through the setup screens was to turn on WiFi. It works good once connected to an actual router/network. It doesn't not however auto connect. You have to manually tell it to connect. It does not also allow Ad-hoc out of the box. This is something I will need to use a work around later, as I will need to use my phone as my hot spot quite often. I will not doc it for this, since it is actually geared for home use, and you would not need this option for home use only.

    Video quality actually amazed me. It was much sharper than I expected. It is also crystal clear. Looking at the screen head on does have a little glare (might just be due to a new screen) and seems overly bright. But if you tilt it just a little, it looks just as good as my 46" LED LCD Samsung TV. The angle of the kickstand is set at the perfect viewing angle.

    The sound quality is sub par. Its perfectly fine for movies and videos. However, music sounds like its muffled. Probably due to cheap speakers. You would assume they would have put decent speakers in the device since it is a home tablet being marketed for multimedia. Not a deal breaker for me, but might be for those who want to use it for what it is intended.

    Storage and File sharing.
    Connecting to a PC was as you would expect. Quick and painless. However, transferring files to the SD card did not work. Files did not show up. I then reconnected and transferred the files to the devices main storage, and they showed up. But only after 2 full minutes of waiting for them to show up. Maybe this was the case with the SD card. I will have to try that again soon.

    Web browsing.
    The web browser is a little slow. Not sure if this is due to the wifi not being the best of quality, or if its the actually program. Sites do not load slow, but some sites with seem to lag however. Its not a problem, but if you are used to a super fast connection, you will notice it right a way. It is 10X faster than my WM phone howerver (can not wait until that contract is up to change it to an android phone). The browser has no browser bar or functions. Its just point and go, and a back button. I love using it for what I need so far. I specifically wanted this to be able to use full web, like login to control panels, access billing software online, use ssh/ftp and so on. So far I have tested everything but ssh/ftp and it works far better than I could have hoped. This has me longing for the new 101 even more now.

    The on screen keyboard is okay. I will say so far is the thing I am not a big fan of. It works. And is responsive if you do not try to type too fast. However, there is no feedback. I love my HTC and my old blackberry because when you pushed a button on the screen it felt like you pushed a real button, and it clicked. I was able to find were to add the click option in, but it still feels like I am just touching the screen. I will get used to this, but I would prefer the other. It could also stand to be a little bigger. The buttons are a fair size in width, but not very tall. They are the exact size of my finger tips, so if I don't push the button center, it delays trying to gauge what button I am pushing. This is fine however, but it does cause a slight slow down. I might also buy a blue tooth mini keyboard for when I need to do a lot of typing with it.

    The screen, and the touching of it!
    The response is not always the greatest. Some times it will over respond and open something you didn't intend when trying to drag. Other times you will click something and it doesn't respond. Also when trying to drag sot scroll sometimes I will touch and drag the entire screen and it wont move, or it will only move a few inches. Others I touch and barley move and it scrolls all the way to the end. I am not sure why kind of screen this is, but it needs to be improved. This is actually a deal break and a big issue. As this is the devices main input, and actually the only input option. I am sure this can be corrected, so I will have to look into this.

    There is also no accelerometer (not sure if that is the right term), so you can only view the screen one way. No changing from landscape to portrait by turning the device. You can however change this in the settings if you need to manually. Not a fan of not having this option, but then again this is only a 7" tab.

    Pre loaded Apps.
    Aldiko - This is the eReader program. It comes with "The art of War" and "The Invisible Man" free. Clicking on a book takes about 10 seconds to load the book. It auto changes from landscape to portrait, and back again when closing the reader. The screen becomes very (overly) bright when using this app, and I have not found the settings to change this as of yet. I hope there is one, or this app is not usable. The white pages are so bright it hurts to read a full page.
    Deezer - Online radio? Didn't want to sign up, and probably wont use it.
    eBuddy - A great all in one messaging device. I like this because I use Trillian on my laptop and desktop at home. Both of these allow me to use on program for AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Google Talk and anything else I want.
    Appslib - And now the thing that people complain about the most, not having the true Google Android store. Since I myself have never used this, as I have yet to own a true android phone, I do not know what I am missing. And the Appslib looks almost exactly like the AT&T apps store. It also appears to work the same. So since I have been stuck with AT&T for about 8 years, I am very used to this and have no problem with this store. Also everything is free, there are no paid apps. Also, it crashed on me a few times while browsing the available apps, so it does not seem to be all that stable.

    Odds and Ends.
    The back of the Archos 7 Home Tablet is an odd glossy tin sheet. And it holds finger prints and smudges like a badge of honor. If you leave your finger in one spot for too long it almost looks like the heat from your finger turns it a light burnt brown color. This is easily removed by cleaning with a cloth. But its one of those annoying visual things.

    Now I need to look and skim for apps, and hopefully find everything I need. Not sure if I want to get to that first, or start looking into using a custom rom to gain ad-hoc, as that is something that will be a must have for me. I guess I have some other threads to read tonight or in the next couple of days. I will also have to check into upgrading to 2.1 if that is possible.

    Overall I like it, and will get good use out of it once fully tweaked. That is until the 101 comes out. I will then probably sell this and buy that one.

    I would say I give it a 7/10 out of the box. If I am able to do everything to it that I want, I would say an 8.5/10. For those that would buy it to use it as intended, meaning mainly for the multimedia purposes I would say its a 6.5/10. The killer on that is the music software and the speakers.

    That's enough for tonight, off to figure out the hacks and ad-hoc setup :D
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  6. New Member

    Hello oulzac I own both the Archos 7 Internet Home Tablet, and the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. They are both excellent.
  7. New Member

    Hello ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet users, just a friendly reminder that the newest Firmware has been updated from Sept.13.2010 from their website. New fixes on the Android 1.6. Flash 10 support from Adobe supposed to be released in some weeks ahead. :cool:

  8. cdehaan

    cdehaan Member

    I got one yesterday.

    Tip for the screen: use a stylus. I don't find it less convenient, and the clicks register basically 100%

    I am trying to find how to disable click&move being page scrolling in the browser, but I don't suppose you guys know that. =p I have a website that exactly fits the screen, and I want to be able to use touches/drags as mouse movement.
  9. Gianpaolo

    Gianpaolo Member

    Thanks a lot for your detailed review!
    Did you try some avi or mkv video files?
    I would like one of this tablet also to watch some movie.
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member


    The sound quality is sub par. Its perfectly fine for movies and videos. However, music sounds like its muffled. Probably due to cheap speakers. You would assume they would have put decent speakers in the device since it is a home tablet being marketed for multimedia. Not a deal breaker for me, but might be for those who want to use it for what it is intended."

    Yes, ALL Archos product have sub par sound due to the euro sound cap they adhere to. It would not be so bad, but they poorly manage the audio gain, so the sound quality is WEAK for both output and depth of sound.

    I will never buy another Archos product again. I have owned three: Gmini 402, Arhcos 605 and Archos 5. The Gmini had great sound, but was the last model before the euro audio cap.

    Archos devices should be avoided if you are an audio / music fan. They really suck in this regard.
  11. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    I don't have an mkv file to text, but avi's work just fine.
  12. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    Follow up and some amendments to my review.

    I am changing the score to a 2/10.

    The longer I use this the device the more problems it has and the less usable it becomes. Appslib is a piece of junk. It crashes constantly. Apps refuse to install half the time, and out of the advertised 8,000 apps, less 1,000 are approved by archos as compatible.

    All programs randomly close themselves with no error message. Which is highly annoying. It would be nice to know why the app is closing, what caused an issue, and if there is something that I can do about it.

    Also the battery life is not as advertised. I am charging this now because apparently it was at a green level, and then 10 seconds later it was red level. No indicator of remaining %, just a color level, lame.

    Also the longer I use it, the more problems I have with the touch screen. It now only works with hard presses. I can not touch it lightly and move my finger to swipe, or to click. I have to press with a firm touch. And if I want to scroll or drag, I have have to wait a few seconds for it to register that's what I want to do, and then move my finger.

    The only thing that doesn't cause a crash or close itself is the audio player, but the sound quality sucks, unless you use headphones, then its decent.

    The web browser is nice, but has started crashing also. I tried to load this site a few times and only half the page would load, then it would close itself. It also keeps asking me to allow sites to login to my device all the sudden, no idea what that means or how that is even possible.

    And mind you, I haven't even started or tried to "hack" or change anything, this is still the default out of box product. :eek:

    I will play around some more with it this weekend, but I have a feeling this will be for sale soon.
  13. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    Well, I will strike from the record my last post. Now that I have installed a custom rom (firmware/OS how ever you prefer to say it) everything is perfect. Okay, not perfect, but way better than before.

    I am still having a few issues with ad-hoc wifi, but everything else is now fixed. I can actually use the official google android marketplace. I am not having programs just randomly close anymore. The audio seems to be a little sharper also, doesn't sound as muffled.

    The touch screen is more responsive, keyboard is more accurate. I was able to install some handy apps from the OGAM that corrected a lot of the issues I was having. I must say I am now actually pretty impressed with this device. It's just too bad its not this functional out of box. I could see how a lot of users who don't know how, or wouldn't take the time to change the things required to get it to work would return the product or give it bad reviews. I jumped the gun after all. I had the thing two days, loved it at first, it then turned to crap and I hated it. But at least I love it again :p

    So all I have now is to mess around with getting ad-hoc to work so I can use wifi from my cell phone when out and about and this device will be a perfect little swap out for my 12.1 netbook. This device fits perfectly into a cargo pocket.
  14. BigSean

    BigSean New Member

    I have had the Archos 7 Home Tablet for 48 hours and agree with you. Once i update the software and reinstall everything worked just fine. Though only down side is that android does nto support ad hok wifi connections. But there is a way around that i have read many times in the last 12 hours. Once i get home later today i will have a go at making it ad hok friendly and let you know how it goes. Other then that it is very handy device. ( gig internal memory and i stuck a 16 gig mini sdd in and away it went great. Hope today to find or get a hold of a 32 gig mini sd.
  15. scottheath

    scottheath New Member

    If anyone here can answer this, Thanks!

    I picked up a used Archos 7 from the Amazon marketplace, so I'm not sure what I have here, but it says:

    Model number A70HB
    Firmware version 1.0.15
    Kernel version 2.6.25 root@ubuntu #1501
    Build number RK-1.2.9.eng.root.20101521.140848

    I tried the official update procedure, but nothing visible seemed to happen. I emailed Archos support with the above info, and they replied "you already have the latest firmware for your model", which makes me wonder if I have some odd prototype that isn't easily updated.

    The Appslib app works, and I've already downloaded a few nice apps and I'll admit I'm enjoying this little Android device, but I wonder:

    Can this thing run Android 2?

    Will there ever be a way to view Youtube or Netflix on this?

  16. oulzac

    oulzac Member

    To answer the last question first (netflix/youtube), NO. You will not be able to use either site on the device. It does not support flash.

    And you will also not be able to upgrade the Android version either. There may be a way in the future, but right now it doesn't look likely. This is why there are so many used ones in the Amazon marketplace. And why I returned mine to Amazon last week. I am holding out for a new model next month. One that will be able to do both of those things and be able to use ad-hoc wifi properly.
  17. scottheath

    scottheath New Member

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I still enjoy what apps I can get to work, and that I have an Android-based tablet computer, albeit an obsolete one.
  18. Dodie

    Dodie New Member

    I have really enjoyed reading all the comments about the 8GB model. I bought one today and will get it by tomorrow.
    Could you please give me the sites you have used that were very helpful for you.
    I have learned so much from you. So I hope to be ahead of the game.
    That way I can get to it easier if I have the same problems.
    Thank you.
  19. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    A custom Rom? From who? I'm curious cause I thought it wasn't hackable to install a different rom on it. If so, good to hear. Would you have a step by step on how to install that other rom.

    Also now that with the new 2.2 update that is out, are you planning on doing the update and re-do your review to see if anything has improved. I know that the market hack was broken with the new update, but they are fixing that soon.

  20. msierra519

    msierra519 Well-Known Member

    the Archos 7 HT wasnt one of the ones that got the 2.2 update. is there any way to get flash on this thing?
  21. ccolumbu

    ccolumbu New Member

    What ROM did you install? Where did you get it from? Are you still using it? I have one and I would like to fix some of the same issues you mentioned.
  22. roblee37

    roblee37 Member

    what rom did you install.. i am curious as well.. thanks for any information...
  23. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    I don't know what TS is running, but my kids got these for Christmas and I have installed "Knightsdominon Firmware Google Market V3" on their devices. There is a wiki site HERE with all the information to get you going. There is another firmware that a lot of people seem to be using called "Himself's Firmware V0.27 SamJr YAR!"

    With the Archos 7 HT, you have to root and install a custom firmware to gain access to the Android Market. I was looking for the most stable thing to load as my 9yr old daughter and 6 yr old son are the ones using them...I'm not their 24/7 tech support! LOL

    So after 2 days of running this problems to report. Nice and stable. Of course you are still stuck with Android 1.5 :(

    If you feel brave...there are Alpha builds of 1.6, 2.1 and 2.3 (yes Gingerbread) running on the 7HT. I don't recommend them at this point cause there is too much that doesn't work with all the various builds...but at least someone is still trying to improve the devices. As soon as a fully functional ROM above 1.5 is available, I will upgrade so the kids can have the Kindle app (which doesn't support Android 1.5).

    For those who have not purchased a tablet yet but are looking to do so...

    If you want a 7" tablet for watching movies, playing music, and web browsing...the Archos 7 Home Tablet is a good choice considering it sells for $200 or less. But understand that Android 1.5 is VERY outdated.

    If you want to play games, need a capacitive touch screen, accelerometer, and access to so many of the market apps we all know and love...get the Archos 70 Internet Tablet. The extra $80 is well worth it!
  24. Daedalus

    Daedalus Well-Known Member

    I was looking at the Nook Color and talking out loud how I could root that and throw a custom ROM on it and have a working tablet. Joking with my GF I said she can get me a tablet for my Christmas and in all seriousness I was joking. So like a day or two later I was looking at the Archos 70 and 101 online and again commenting on these units. She hopes on Best Buy and orders me a A7HT now when I opened it up I was a bit surprised and it was a cool gift but it was not exactly what I wanted thankfully the wifi was not working 100% and the resistive screen blew chunks on this unit, So I talk to her and ask her if I could return it and then just set aside that money for a unit I would rather have. Well when we got home Monday after the return she looked at me and said you want the A70IT I did not know there was a difference threw me her CC and told me to find it. God I have the greatest GF, the A7HT is a decent unit for someone that just wants an e-reader and web browser and the step up to the A70IT or the A101IT is so worth the extra money if you want more.
  25. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    btw, I am not running anything since I do not have the Archos. I just find it a great device.


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