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archos 7 HT on woot for $79.99 - Aug 13 only - Should I buy it?General

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  1. CrowleyFam

    CrowleyFam New Member

    I saw this on woot and did some reading.

    It is a refurb unit and it comes with 8GB and Android 1.6.

    I looked on the Archos website and it looks like there is an Eclair download, but for specific models of the 7 HT.

    So can anyone tell me if this would support Eclair?

    Also, is $80 a good deal for one of these?


  2. Skataman14

    Skataman14 New Member

    No don't buy the Archos 7 Home Tablet. It is horrible and I bought one for $65 and it has horrible battery, can't play games, very laggy, and has like no memory. Even if you buy an SD card (like I did) it still lags. Just don't buy it!

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