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  1. Endevor

    Endevor Member

    I'm looking at getting an Archos "tablet", more like a handheld, and I'm not sure which one to get. I'm looking at the 43, 48, and 5, but it seems like just going by the higher model number is not necessarily going to get me the best device although looking at the 48 and 5, when I click on "Buy Now" on their site, they both link to the Archos 5 tablet, so I'm guessing 48 is obsolete now?

    The biggest function I'm looking for is a mp3 player, but being a computer geek, and hearing about the programming capabilities, I want to look into making my own apps, and even file sharing/remote controlling some of my computers, kind of like, who I hear has an app out for something like that. I don't want a smart phone, and I don't yet want a full sized tablet. I'm actually waiting for Toshiba to finally come out with there tablet before that. I want a handheld that would be something cool to play around with and program.

    So now that I've kind of reasoned myself down to the 43 or the 5, it's more of a question of Android 1.6 vs 2.2. Archos 5 seems to have better hardware, but it's running 1.6. 43 is running 2.2. This is all according to, so if there's some sort of updated specs to them, let me know. Another thing I saw was that Archos 5 supported C, whereas it didn't say anything about supporting any language on the Archos 43.

    Now, I'm completely new to the Android OS, all I know is what I've read, and it's really not that much, so if anyone can give me an eye opener on it, that would be awesome. And suggestions? Should I got with the 43, or 5? Or is there another device out there I should look into?


  2. Endevor

    Endevor Member

    I think eventually I'm going to be solving my own issue. After some more research the 43 is looking nicer with some faster hardware from what I can see. Still looking around for a decent handheld with android that doesn't require a data plan or some sort of phone service. Anyone know of any handhelds that are out or will be coming out with Android 3? And does anyone have any experience with Archos 43?
  3. I had a 43 for a few weeks
    It was a great machine
    Wireless N
    Mini HDMI out
    Mkv playback
    decent battery life
    Micro SD for extra storeage ontop of the 16g built in.
    The only reason i got rid was because of the screen
    (Maybe i have been spoilt with my desire)
    But as it had no multi touch being only resistive i just couldn't get on with it.
    Now have a Dell streak 5" but that still isn't perfect.No Video output.
    Limited File playback.
    If i was to get another tablet to replace it i think i would go for the Archos 70 Internet tablet. Same specs as the 43 but capacitive multi touch screen with the HDMI out.(I use it mainly as a media player in the bedroom streaming from my stora)
    But i think 7" is slightly too big.
  4. Metalhead088

    Metalhead088 New Member

    I just bought the 43, and it is updated to 2.2 froyo after archos released the update a short while ago, for speed once you turn off the live wallpaper its pretty decent, dont expect much from the camera, the music player is decent it plays flac and mp3s and mostly other formats which i cant remember right now, videos are also decent web browsing isnt too easy to do but sometimes a stylus comes in handy lol. I regularly use my archos for gaming, internet, youtube, videos and music so it gets a decent usage out of it each day, the battery is really good too that is why i chose the 43 instead of the 32.
  5. Endevor

    Endevor Member

    Thanks for the input from those of you who have one, nice to get some opinions.

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