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Are all LG-P500s Optimus ONE's?

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  1. RowanB

    RowanB Member

    I have an LG-P500 smart phone, but I don't know whether it's an Optimus ONE or not... I don't remember this name from when I bought it a few months ago.

    Are all LG-P500s Optimus ONE's?

    Or are there two types of phone, the LG-P500 and the LG-P500 Optimus ONE?

    If the latter, how do I tell the difference?

    Thanks - Rowan

  2. TheParadox

    TheParadox Well-Known Member

    There's only one LG p500 and any LG P500 is an Optimus One . Hit thanks if I helped you :)
  3. RowanB

    RowanB Member

    Should it say Optimus One on it? If so, where? Mine doesn't seem to...

    Thanks - Rowan
  4. kitu34

    kitu34 Active Member

    Yes & No....even mine does not mention that.I tried several apps but none could find that and it is not beneath the battery as well.But i think it is in some countries not in ours,even some features and options are different country to country.I was told this in LG forum so maybe it is a fact.I read this phone has more than 519mb of ram but mine is just 419 hehehe,strange.It is good if you hardly use it and do not want to install apps,otherwise i do not like it and they won't give anymore firmware update.Just a show piece.
  5. NGD1

    NGD1 Well-Known Member

    all optimus Ones are Optimus Ones
    some are P500's Some are P509's depends on the region or the carrier
    Optimus T, M V they are all pretty much the same, say if a Custom Rom is built for Optimus P500 it'll work on all of them though you need to find the variants that comply with your carrier and base-band and such.

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