Are LG Optimus Black ROMs compatible with the Sprint LG Marquee?General

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  1. Prodeje79

    Prodeje79 New Member

    My wife's arrived today! Charging now! We will activate with SERO Preimum plan tonight!

    Are LG Optimus Black ROMs compatible with the Sprint LG Marquee?

  2. tcaudill01

    tcaudill01 Active Member

    Everything but the cell radio and WiFi are compatible. Also, even though I have managed to root and CWM the phone I have not tried to upload any ROM data to my phone.

    The biggest thing to consider is that the current crop of Black ROMs are based on the previous version of Android. The Marquee runs GB 2.3.4.
  3. AaronEmoBoi

    AaronEmoBoi Well-Known Member

    I am currently testing that and im going to start porting the roms to us :D
  4. svarasnj

    svarasnj Member

    There are some bad news. The AaronEmoBoi is no longer working on porting these ROMS because of technical problems with device which led to returning it to manufacturer and now everything is on the limbo?
  5. ChampN252

    ChampN252 Well-Known Member

  6. majzoob

    majzoob New Member

    I'm really interested in this, using an LG Marquee as a secondary phone (more of an ipod touch style) for an introduction to android rooting and modding. Is there a work around to get at least the wifi working?

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