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Are the droid's issues widespread?

Are you having problems with rebooting, or other defective handset problems

Poll closed Nov 13, 2009.
  1. My phone has worked great right out of the box. No problems at all.

    78 vote(s)
  2. I am having problems.

    20 vote(s)

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  1. Tobad4u

    Tobad4u Member

    Hey everyone,
    I have been checking the droid out for quite some time just waiting and watching for its release. Come this Friday I will be the proud owner of the droid. Even though I am excited about the phone I have been reading about my users having issues with the phone rebooting and having other software issues. I want to know how wide spread this. Are we hearing the issues of few defective droids, or do the majority of the phones have these problems?

  2. elucas730

    elucas730 Active Member

    I have not had any build-quality or reliability issues. You have to remember - the people who have problems will be the loudest while people with nothing to complain about won't say anything.
  3. dburch48

    dburch48 Member

    No problems at all on my droid. Works great!
  4. Tobad4u

    Tobad4u Member

    yeah thats why i am trying to get a run down on how many do have problems vs. the ones that don't i know if i didn't have any i wouldn't have anything to say ether
  5. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    I think it is the same as with any big flagship type of phone. With sooo many people getting DROID's you are going to get some lemons in the bunch, it's a given. I have had about 8 different smartphones and they all might have a little quirk or 2 about them, but besides my iPhone 3G I have never had any real issues. My DROID has been awesome and the only issue I have with it is when I'm using the car cradle and Google GPS, if I crank my system up it shakes the windshield so hard that the DROID keeps changing from portrait to landscape, but that is my fault lol.
  6. eagle17

    eagle17 Active Member

    This poll does not have enough info. The camera is borked on this phone due to software problems with the focus. This will be fixed soon however as it stands the only people that can say they have no problems have never tried to use the camera. (video works pretty good though.)

    so other than the camera problems I would say I have not noticed any real issues.
  7. AaronT

    AaronT Active Member

    No problems at all, this phone rocks. my friends are amazed that i have not found a problem yet, i always find them but not on this phone. i looked at the list of bugs (issues) that would be fixed in the Dec release and none of them poped up on my phone. i really like the fact that google, motorola, and verizon are working on fixing the problems and have fast releases.

    i came from the iPhone and i cant tell you how much happier i am not having to deal with the apple "genius" or at&t
  8. enemkay

    enemkay Active Member

    d'oh, i accidentally voted "yes" in an attempt to see the results :)
  9. Tobad4u

    Tobad4u Member

    I made it broad because many people are unaware of the launching issues with the phone. I made this thread to ID those issues and get an over all census of people with any and all issues. So hit up the poll and let us know what the problem is.
  10. rawness

    rawness Well-Known Member

    I've had my Droid since launch day and haven't had any quality issues with it. My only issues have been trying to figure out how to do various tasks.
  11. mk23

    mk23 Member

    I bought it on Friday and it was delivered yesterday. Since last night, I have had about 12 reboots and 2 complete locks (had to pull battery on it)

    NO apps have been added. Bone stock. Tried the *228 reprogram, tried pulling the SD card. All in vain.

    Called verizon and the are shipping me a replacement.

    Otherwise it's a SWEET phone. I just wish it would stop rebooting/crashing.
  12. People who have issues talk more than those who don't. THE PROBLEMS ARE NOT AS WIDESPREAD AS THEY APPEAR. It's not rocket surgery.
  13. enemkay

    enemkay Active Member

    1/6 (really 1/7 if you discard my reply) is more than i would have expected, but that probably reflects that the broadly defined nature of "problems". I personally would be interested in the numbers wrt to the reboot problem by itself.
  14. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Well-Known Member

    mine has been working since last night lol so i dont want to jinx anything but its pretty much been perfect so far
  15. OldNose

    OldNose Member

    I've had mine since yesturday, no problems so far. It sucks if you get a bad one, but atleast verizon is good about replacments.
  16. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    Wellll... my home screen rotates with the keyboard shut. I love the fact that it does it, but since it isn't supposed to... I had to vote "I am having problems".
  17. Nidisa

    Nidisa Well-Known Member

    I had no problem with the phone that I bought on 11/6. Problems didn't start occurring until 2 days later. I'm going to assume that my freezing/rebooting issues were related to software conflicts/bad coding...but I had mine replaced today regardless. Waiting to see if a bare bone phone stays stable. I'm sad though that I can't play in the Market :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  18. Robobandit

    Robobandit Well-Known Member

    I voted no problems.. The only issue I'm having at all is being able to send mms messages... coming from an iPhone, I had that "issue" for 2 years.. so it isn't something that I really care about.

    The phone itself has been absolutely fine.. I'm not having freezing or random reboots or any of those kinds of issues.
  19. billd

    billd Well-Known Member

    Most of my issues have been me just not knowing how to use Android yet.

    I am having trouble with Wifi at the office, though that might not be the Droid's fault. Not sure yet.

    BLOWNCO Well-Known Member

    i dont have any problems with mine like the camera issues i hear so much about i do have the yahoo mail not updating on wifi tho but thats it
  21. blazingwolf

    blazingwolf Well-Known Member

    Do you have a home replacement app installed like Open Home?
  22. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Well-Known Member

    well if you count the home screen not rotating then i have that problem
  23. bubbarob1978

    bubbarob1978 Member

    Had my Droid for 24 hours....only issue is the slow camera and so-so battery life. I have have tried Blackberry, WinMo and now the Android platform and can say for me, the Droid is the best phone I have owned in the past 6 months of trying different devices. I actually like the boxy look and heft of the phone. I guess I'm old school but I have no complaints as of yet.

    As others have said, each phones has its quirks and the people who have issues with their Droid will post way more about the problems than those with good working phones.
  24. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    I havent had any of these problems.
  25. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

    I do now... but it has always been like this. AS of last night though, its been rotating randomly when docked in the car dock... so it isn't all good. I suspect this might be because of handcent. I just barely uninstalled that, so we will see.

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