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  1. Flyboy28802

    Flyboy28802 Well-Known Member

    Are the old tiered data plans still available or are you forced to go to the share everything plans? I tried to find the old plans on the Verizon website but could not.

    I have a Jetpack that I use as my primary internet (live in rural area no wired broadband), and a Razr Maxx on a shared data plan. I would like to switch to the Home Fusion service because the data would be cheaper, however I need to figure out what the best course of action would be for the Razr would be.

    According to Verzion's shared plan, the cheapest I could go is 1 gig data and the phone charge for $100, I don't need unlimited minutes, but would like at least 2 gig of data. What would be ideal is if the Home Fusion service allowed sharing but it doesn't :(


  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Existing VZW customers who are still on the old limited minutes plans can choose tiered data if they want. New customers are forced to go into the Share Everything plans, there is no option for a limited minute plan.
  3. VM Jon

    VM Jon Member

    Exactly the reason why I did not go to Verizon. I really wanted the S3 and the amazing coverage and LTE that Verizon has here, I mean the signals are off the charts... but screw them at $90 a month + taxes and fees for one line.

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