Are there any cases for the LG Optimus Net?Tips

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  1. HeatherH

    HeatherH New Member

    I recently purchased an LG Optimus Net from Net10. I almost always put cases on my phones to keep them in the best condition possible, however I am unable to find a case that will fit the LG Optimus Net.

    I was wondering if anyone else has found cases designed for this phone? Also is there any other phones that are similar enough to have cases that will fit my LG Optimus Net? Any help is appreciated!

  2. elbaroark

    elbaroark Member

  3. HeatherH

    HeatherH New Member

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I've been looking all over :)

    One question though, it says that it fits the phone, but some phone functions are not accessible with the case on...

    My question is, do you know if all of the buttons work with the case on? Also, what functions are not accessible with the case on? Would you recommend buying it?

    This would help me out a ton! Thank you!
  4. memi10

    memi10 New Member

    I noticed the same seller on Ebay, however in a comment from someone that purchased from them it says that the volume & charger areas are NOT open on the case. Did you find this to be true? I've looked everywhere for a case and can not find one that is truly for this exact phone! I really need one as I've dropped mine 4 times already and popped the back off each time! :(

    Thanks for your feedback!
  5. elbaroark

    elbaroark Member

    This is true about some of the buttons that are located on the silicone cover do not match up with the phone. The volume buttons are on the opposite side of the phone from where they should be, as well as the charger port is not cut thru. Other than those two small minor things that can be fixed, the case works great.

    I have had it and all the buttons work thru the case without any functionality problems at all.
  6. daisy48

    daisy48 New Member

    When cellphones became extremely popular and affordable, the phone cover became popular and Cell phone covers and cases are purchased by users who seek to add aesthetic appeal.
  7. nascarlady48

    nascarlady48 New Member

    I just got a blue soft case from Amazon. Love it!
  8. Talelorm

    Talelorm Member

    theres multiple colors

    this will get you what you want its a trident case which is a bit pricey but has a built in screen protecter

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