Are there ANY good cases for Epic 4G TouchTips

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  1. nickman101

    nickman101 Member

    I've looked all over and can't find any good cases for the Samsung Galaxy S2 for Sprint. Otterbox doesn't even make a case for it I think (although I know they don't make a Defender series one). Also, Ballistic doesn't make a HC case for it, only a SC case. I was wondering if anyone knew of any cases out there for the Epic 4G Touch (SGS2) for Sprint that had a built in screen protector. Thanks for your time.

  2. scooterinmn

    scooterinmn Well-Known Member

    Seidio Case

    I have had this one since day one and love it. They have others too and you cant' go wrong with any of them.
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  3. someguyatx

    someguyatx Well-Known Member

    I just got Trident Aegis case and it came with a screen protector. So far so good with the case. Have not tried the screen protector yet since I already had one on the phone.
  4. goaliesaves

    goaliesaves Member

    Otterbox just came out with one for the epic 4g touch recently go on their website. I am going to order it soon :D:D

    Epic 4G Touch Cases & Covers |
  5. harrychimp71

    harrychimp71 Member

    Why bother launching a new case when the phone has been out for over six months and other companies have flooded the market with their products?
  6. skinnhc

    skinnhc Well-Known Member

    Highly recommend Case Mate Pop
  7. exitprogram

    exitprogram Well-Known Member

    Great. I just spent 40 dollars on the Ballistic case at the sprint store because i saw that Otterbox hadn't made one for it yet. Thanks for the info. Maybe i can get a few dollars out of it on craigslist...
  8. Slobadon

    Slobadon Member

    Meh, Im really surprised otterbox finally came out with a case after saying they werent even considering it for so long. guess they finally broke down.

    I love my green Trident case.
  9. fofjjsr

    fofjjsr Well-Known Member

  10. Majel

    Majel Member

    As a matter of fact there are. When I first got my two Galaxy S2's I was searching all over the place too, until I walked into a Sprint store. They had just the cases that I needed. The one I have is better than Otterbox. It completely encloses my black Epic 4G Touch for work. Has a rotational belt clip. I've dropped the phone twice since I've had it. Not one scratch. For my white GS2 E4GT, I got the purple transparent. My wife was pretty satisfied with that. Yeah! all the searching I did and both were already at the Sprint store. Check it out!

  11. abrawner

    abrawner Active Member

    I have the exact same one; plus if you buy two accesories at Corporate Sprint Stores, you get addtl. 20 percent off! Awesome
  12. tds73

    tds73 Active Member

    does this case (seidio active) work on the sprint phone?
    i have noticed different cases for different carriers, i do not know any better, are the phones actually different depending on whom they are built for?
  13. Bic101

    Bic101 Well-Known Member

  14. HTC.Me.Now

    HTC.Me.Now Member

    Yes it works with the Sprint version, I'm currently using one. You can also purchase an optional holster if needed.
  15. jacksonista

    jacksonista Member

    I'm a case junkie and have owned probably 8 since getting my phone. My favorite cases by far have been the s-line gel TPU cases. They go on/off easily and come with ridges on the sides to help you hold the phone (I have little hands and this has been a life saver); the only drawback being they are mostly clear and I have a black phone, so the colors don't pop at all.

    My big complaint is this: for having sold over 10 million galaxy s II's there are very limited offerings. If you are looking for commando protection, the trident aegis is good and they offer like 6 colors. My only issue with these is their size. I felt like I was holding a walkie-talkie.

    You can go to ebay and find many different cases and most are quite reasonable.

    I have begged Cruzer-Lite to make some "androidify" cases for the epic 4g touch, but I guess that'll never happen. I'd love to have an Android-specific case, just for the fun of it!
  16. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've been a big fan of Otterbox for a long time. I was glad to see them come out with one for the GS II. I picked up a commuter series last week. Great fit, as always. Doesn't increase the bulk of the phone any more or any less than other cases out there. Great protection, too. I can still fit the phone in my pocket, which is a must for the way I carry mine.
  17. Burzum

    Burzum Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of any deals that have come from Otterbox?

    When the EVO came out I recall a few codes coming out that'd give you a nice discount.

    There were also a couple of dedicated sites out there with this information. Anyone know of any for this particular phone?
  18. mojo1094

    mojo1094 Member

  19. HTC.Me.Now

    HTC.Me.Now Member

  20. Burzum

    Burzum Well-Known Member

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