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Are there any known issues with the HTC Incredible 2?General

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  1. artmanphoto

    artmanphoto Active Member

    My wife has a Samsung Fascinate and the phone can never lock onto the GPS signal when using Google maps/navigation - a known fact on the forums and the web.

    I am researching other phones for her and the HTC Incredible 2 looks like a good phone.

    Can anyone tell me does the Incredible 2 have troubles easily locking onto the GPS signal when used with Google maps/navigation?

    Are there issues with the Incredible 2 that I would cause me not to buy it?



  2. Stealthman

    Stealthman Well-Known Member

    I use my gps all the time with no issues at all.

    The only problem I had with this phone was with the stock text messaging app, it kept freezing on me. I replaced it with handcent and haven't had a problem since. This phone works really really well and smooth.
  3. Lagos

    Lagos Well-Known Member

    This is the best phone I have ever owned. Zero problems with GPS issues or anything like that. It also has amazing battery life and fast performance!

    The only complaint about this phone (and many other Verizon phones) is that it does come preloaded with a bunch of bloated apps that you can't remove. However rooting the phone solves this problem.
  4. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    I don't use my Dinc2 for navigation, however I did experiment with the GPS a lot in conjunction with anti-theft software. It always connected to GPS quickly and produced accurate location maps through Google.

    There are no deal breaking issues. The phone works really well.
  5. burt0010

    burt0010 New Member

    I got a new Verizon HTC Incredible 2 about two weeks ago and Google Maps freezes up every time I use the GPS. Drives me nuts. I'm still looking for a solution.
  6. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    You might have a defective device this phone has been flawless for me so far. Have you tried a factory reset?
  7. Lagos

    Lagos Well-Known Member

    Try this...
    Go to settings/power and disable fastboot. Then reboot the phone and see if the problem goes away. If that still doesn't fix it, try a factory reset.

    Turning fast boot off seems to correctly reboot the gps while having it on seems to skip this part.
  8. alarinn

    alarinn Member

    I found 2 issues:

    1) A number of compass apps incorrectly display 180 degrees - N should be S. Known issue and not known if it can be fixed
    2) Stock quotes showing invalid prices in the portfolio. I've tried 3 or 4 stock alert apps and I can't set alerts because the prices are 9 digits in length. The default stock app works fine but so far none of the stock alert apps I've downloaded work. The Stock Alert app will work but you have to let it refresh the portfolio first before you can set alerts. The issue is when the portfolio screen reverts back you get all kinds of alerts. It's not the app because a friend at work downloaded it on his AT&T Samsung phone and the app worked perfectly. I'm thinking there are issues with this phone.
  9. ryanerb

    ryanerb Member

    i heard that #1 , north south issue, was fixed in the 2.3.3 release that just got pushed to the phones. have you applied this update?
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  10. robert235

    robert235 Member

    the gps doesn't work with fastboot enabled other that it work fine.
  11. alarinn

    alarinn Member

    Yes I have but I need to break out my compass and verify that it works. Is there a way to verify the OS version?
  12. alarinn

    alarinn Member

    I found how to see the OS version and it is 2.3.3. I'll check it when I get home and reply back later. Now if I can get the stock alerts to work.
  13. artmanphoto

    artmanphoto Active Member

    Thank you to everyone that replied to my initial questions about issues with the Incredible 2. I really appreciate your thoughts.
  14. Rich_NY

    Rich_NY Well-Known Member

    I came from a fascinate, I love this phone GPS works/locks great
  15. Is there a bluetooth issue? With cars and contacts? With 2.3?
  16. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Where google maps is concerned, just do a clear data on the map app. No need for a factory reset. Some of the updates of GM have that issue.

    I just ordered an I2. HTC has always had a good GPS chip in their phones. They usually work indoors even. Samsung is the worst though my wife's SF is ok. Moto is fine too.

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