Are there ANY wired headsets that allow music control?Tips

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  1. kingerp

    kingerp Member

    I'm trying to find a wired headset that allows me to control music hands-free but it seems that the E4GT is hard-coded to only allow single-button headsets to access the phone or voice command apps. I tried a fix I found on XDA, but it was written in November 2011 and it looks like it doesn't works for ICS.

    Does anyone know of a headset that specifically works for the E4GT and gets past this limitation? Or am I SOL until another fix pops up or Samsung realizes that this really gimps functionality?


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Have you tried one of the mic control apps on Play? Jays Headset Control seems to work for most people across a range of handsets.
  3. kingerp

    kingerp Member

    I've tried the "official" app for my headphones (I have a pair of Philips SHE7005A), "Headset Button Controller" by Christoph Kober, and Jays Headset Control (it's not compatible with the E4GT, but the XDA fix I mentioned used it and had a link to the apk).

    None of them worked. No matter what I did and how many settings I tweak, a single click brings me to my call log, a double click calls my last called contact, and a long press brings up Voice Talk. This seems to be hard-coded into the E4GT, based on a thread from the Sprint forums that I read (I can't link to it, since I just registered here)

    Some of the people on XDA recommend various bluetooth headsets, but I would rather have a wired one so I don't have to carry around yet another charger.

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