Are there things to do with a tablet with just part time wi-fi access?

  1. b2013

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  2. boathead

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    i use my tablet 99% of the time with no wifi. i read, play a few games, watch some video. and no, you don't need to be connected to open an app, though some apps are wifi dependent.

    so, take your tablet or laptop for a trip to a public library that has wifi, download a bunch of apps and books and video, then head on home, transfer the stuff to your tablet (don't need wifi for that) and you are good to go.
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  3. b2013

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    boathead..thanks for the quick and encouraging reply.

    I haven't bought a tablet yet because I was worried about what, if anything, could be done with it without an full time wifi connection.

    I'm looking for a tablet under $100 because I want to not take my notebook to hotspots anymore just to download large files.... which I'm hoping a much smaller android tablet could do just as easily. I still haven't confirmed that I can listen to audiobooks from my library's collection with an android tablet though...without wifi.

    "OneClickDownload" seems to require a wifi connection to Login to use their app for listening to their audiobooks....not sure yet about "Overdrive" for listening without wifi. Those are the two platforms my library uses for their audiobooks.
  4. AngryHatter

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    I use wifi to download stuff for the tablet, not to use the tablet.
  5. mrsmumbles

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    Audio books are just recordings, right? So once they're downloaded I don't understand why you'd still need to be connected. Also, on the tablet I had I downloaded straight to my tablet. Not audio books but other files.
  6. b2013

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    Not sure, but I'm thinking audiobooks checked out from a public library platform are somewhat proprietary. Possibly even more likely so if they are listened to via a proprietary android app once downloaded.

    I've read that you cannot listen to some books without first Logging in to an app, which might need an active wi-fi connection.

    Just not sure yet.
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  7. dontpanicbobby

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    You can watch DVDs you ripped yourself using FairUseWizard on your PC. Get the DVDs from the library or from your own families collection.
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  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Yes they are if they're using something like Overdrive. They'll be locked-down with DRM(Digital Restrictions Management) to stop you ripping, sharing and stealing them basically. You should be able to play them off-line, that's the whole point of downloading the audiobooks. But you'll have to use the their proprietary Overdrive audiobook player app, and give it your account details to authenticate the DRM. Might have to be on-line to do that though, although that's probably done when you actually download the books, so you should be OK for off-line listening. I use Audible and that's how it works. I can listen to DRM'd audiobooks I've downloaded, and listen to them off-line no problems at all.
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  9. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I believe that's technically still illegal in the United States under the DMCA. Although the CSS DRM on DVDs is so weak they might as well not bother.
  10. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    I withdraw my statement. Should have read DVDs you own. Silly me... :afraid:
  11. Arphilj

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    I don't download audio books but do d/l a lot of other books from our library via Overdrive. You do not need a wifi connection to read downloaded books. Also, if I am nearing the expiration date of my library loan I just go into "airplane mode" (wifi off) on my Kindle. The book remains available for reading until I reconnect to wifi.
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  12. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ~Shoveling Snow~ Moderator

    While my tablets are generally connected 24/7, I rarely use the connection. Most media in Google play and Youtube can be cached for ofline viewing and very few games require a connection to play.
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  13. b2013

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    It's encouraging to hear that there are things to use a tablet for without always being connected to wi-fi.

    One of my intended goals was to Listen to audiobooks from the library but even if that doesn't work out and I'll only be able Read them without the connection I think there seem to be enough other things to do to justify buying a tablet.

    Thanks for the information.
  14. shelliewnj

    shelliewnj Well-Known Member

    Yes you need wifi to listen to audio books in one click digital. They stream rather than download. But everything else you mention I do without wifi all the time :)
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  15. mrsmumbles

    mrsmumbles Well-Known Member

    There are free audio books you can download too, from Amazon and other sources. Collections, classics, lots of interesting stuff.

    And of course you can journal on a tablet, especially if it has a sdcard so you won't lose anything if the tablet dies.

    You can play solitaire or a bunch of other types of games and puzzles.

    Mostly any diversion you can do on a personal computer you can do on a tablet but it's easier because the tablet goes anywhere.

    You may want to take into consideration the weight of the tablet. I like doing stuff on my phone in a reclining position, and it's easy because the phone is lightweight and easy to hold, but my old tablet was rather heavy and it was cumbersome to try to find a comfortable way to hold it while I was watching TV shows or whatever (leaning on my elbow or sitting up, without a table or stand for the tablet).

    So think of things such as weight, size, will it strain your wrist holding it, does it have a sdcard slot so you can save data and media, etc. Also cameras, front facing or not.

    It's incredibly convenient to have a good device, whether you can immediately think of uses or not. Once you have it you'll find you use it for more than you thought. Enjoy. :)

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