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are these software issues with the evo or with android? (Browse All)

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  1. tracerit

    tracerit Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    May 7, 2010
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    1. after the update, the keyboard automatically pops up. this is annoying when i go to the calendar and want to edit the bottom entry ( such as Location or Description) but instead of being able to just click on it, i know have to scroll down then click on it.

    2. unable to copy a portion of text from the default sms app. i posted in android lounge and droid users said they had an option that would allow them to copy and select text.

    3. whilein the calendar app, if i put info into the description but get busy and let the display time out for, when i turn teh display back on, the information is gone and i'll have to re type everything. there is no "auto-save" pretty much.


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