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Are you concerned about OLED burn-in?Support

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  1. cuisinart

    cuisinart Member

    When I first saw this watch, I thought 'have to have it'. After doing some reading, I'm becoming a bit concerned that burn-in of the OLED screen could be a big drawback of jumping in this early. As others have said, $250-300 watch could make sense, if it lasts several years for primary function (smartwatch) and years after that with secondary function (just a watch). Given the OLED display, it will probably show signs of burn-in after at most 1 year. If it came with a few replacement screens that's one thing, but it most likely will not. Deal breaker?

  2. Strings

    Strings Well-Known Member

    How many devices with OLED screens are on, on the same screen, long enough to actually burn in?
  3. cuisinart

    cuisinart Member

    From what I've read, OLED burn-in is very common at the 1-year time point, especially in places where the same thing is commonly displayed (eg, a watch dial).
  4. Mittar

    Mittar Well-Known Member

    My understanding is that the display won't be on all the time, but will snap on when you move your wrist to look at the display.
  5. cuisinart

    cuisinart Member

    Maybe part of the purpose of the black section at the bottom is a good ambient light sensor so they can drive the display as low as reasonable to increase the time to noticeable burn-in.
  6. svensett

    svensett Well-Known Member

  7. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

  8. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    I was afraid of that. I wish there was an option to turn it off without having to install an app.
  9. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

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  10. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

    If you are worried about possible burn-in

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  11. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    That's cool but that app you posted seems to work. It leaves a little sliver of the charging circle on mine but that's not a big deal.
  12. Tlicious1020

    Tlicious1020 On Probation

    I prefer this method until an update arrives.
  13. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    @halon - I gave your option a try tonight. Seems to be working. No point in the clock being on all night if you don't need it.
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  14. TheAmazingDave

    TheAmazingDave Well-Known Member

    I see this is an old thread, but something was never clarified...

    For any potential buyers, the 360 does not have an OLED display. It's LCD. LCDs do not "burn" like OLEDs.

    Sometimes, in the right conditions, they can retain images (usually extreme cold or heat) but they do not permanently burn in. If your 360 does what the images above show, it likely has a bad display panel. They shouldn't do that.
  15. frodub

    frodub Well-Known Member

    I know everyone has been probably doing the old "ambient screen" on and off trick to make the screen turn off overnight, but I found a new method accidentally!

    I put my phone in theater mode last night and forgot to go back to regular mode before putting it on the charger... after it sat on the charger, the screen turned off! Such an easier way that doing the trick through the app or downloading a secondary app!

    Also, if you hit the button while it's on the charger, it will show the charging display screen and will turn off again after screen timeout.
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