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Are you giving up on the Supersonic?

Are you giving up on the Supersonic?

  1. Yes

    8 vote(s)
  2. No

    39 vote(s)
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  1. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    Things have changed quite a bit the past couple of days and the excitement is starting to build around the Sprint WiMAX HTC Supersonic phone.

    The rumor today is that inventories are building already and the eminent release is near. Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that "Sprint Corp. will soon roll out the HTC Supersonic, the first U.S. phone to work on a faster wireless network. The company plans to unveil the phone at the CTIA industry conference next week, according to people familiar with the matter".

    HTC Supersonic

    Rumored Specs

    • Type: CDMA dual band (1900/800 MHz)
    • Data: 1xEV-DO rev.A
    • Screen: 4.3" MOLED
    • Resolution: 480 x 800
    • Camera: 8MP camera
    • Flash: Dual LED; Auto focus, Digital zoom
    • Video: MPG4 720p Recording
    • FM Radio: Yes
    • Memory Slot: microSD/microSDHC
    • OS: Android 2.1 initially, then updated to Android 3.0
    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 1GHz
    • Memory: 1024 MB ROM
    • Ram: 512 MB
    • WiFi: Yes
    • WiMAX: Yes
    • Bluetooth: Stereo Bluetooth
    • Kickstand

  2. KRD

    KRD Well-Known Member

    I sure hope so. Don't get me wrong I like my hero, but in light of what the other carriers are getting, I would love to have this phone.
  3. phatning

    phatning Active Member

    One thing bothers me about Sprint's recent "4G" ad is that it featured a Moment. I thought it was kinda misleading or even false advertising...
  4. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    i'd love to hear something at ctia about the SS. i'd like for this to be my next phone simply because the sprint prices are cheaper than VZW and this phone should match or exceed everything the incredible will offer. but if i dont hear anything after ctia/beginning of april, it'll be hard NOT to get an incredible.
  5. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    I was eyeballing the Nexus One until I heard rumors of the Supersonic. It is exactly what I'm after. However it is not going to be out on Sprint for a while, and considering the rumours indicate this phone is Sprintcentric, I've not got a clue when something like this phone will reach the UK. I could be waiting a while, so I'm now looking at the HTC desire. I'm really flakey right now I know, but there are some really nice possibilities with HTC.
  6. wankingweiner

    wankingweiner Well-Known Member

    same here man. I originally wanted the Nexus One until i heard about the Supersonic. But realizing it wont come to Europe for a long time im sure, im defiantly sticking behind the Desire now.
  7. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    Some reports from the media are saying look to CTIA for more information on the Supersonic, but even if we don't hear something by then, I would find it difficult to believe more information won't be leaked by the beginning of April. But then, I was a little disappointed that we didn't hear something at MWC, until someone pointed out that that show was basically a European show.

    As far as the Incredible, I'm a little underwhelmed by it right now, especially when I compare it to the Supersonic. Even though we haven't heard much, I have to think it isn't that far away. I mean, are you going to get the Incredible in April or May when it comes out, and then kick yourself when the Supersonic comes out a month or two later?

    I really like the Desire too, but I'm not going to move to AT&T for it.
    KRD likes this.
  8. KRD

    KRD Well-Known Member

    I really hope sprint doesn't wait that long after the incredible
  9. ValdiviaENT

    ValdiviaENT Active Member

    i dont think Spint can wait passed June to release the SS! We all know Apple will probly be putting out a new iPhone every year! and yea it may be the same thing with more memory but ppl still get hyped over the "new iphone" so Sprint needs a phone like the SS in there line up! The SS has the specs to be around for a long time and still be a high end phone. and for this reason i cant give up on it just yet. I just want it to be offical! or at least more leaks! lol
  10. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I agree. I keep looking for information on this phone and lately there hasn't been much. Hopefully, that's because Sprint is waiting until CTIA to make an announcement like they did at CES in January with their Overdrive Hub.

    I'm with everyone else and would love to hear something. It would take away a lot of the anxiety if even the smallest little thing was said officially.
  11. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    i think the rumors have been around long enough that it is time to start getting more ifficial news, if nothing by CTIA i think i am not the only one who will cave for a purchase. whether it be the moment, moment2, n1... whatever sprint offers me
  12. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised to hear that from you, especially since you've been on the Supersonic bandwagon and you have all that WiMAX coverage where your family is in Texas. I'm reading the N1 will only be sold online through Google for the Verizon version, so I can't imagine it will be any different with Sprint. What do you like about the Moment?

    Are you really that unwilling to wait just a little longer?
  13. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I'm sure if the Supersonic would have been available, they would have used that instead. I do believe Samsung is working on a WiMAX version. Wouldn't that be something if they were to release that before the Supersonic is released...
  14. ValdiviaENT

    ValdiviaENT Active Member

    Yea and thats where my heads at too. So i hope CTIA is gonna be big for SS news! Or at least i hop so!

    Yea the only think holding me back is there really isnt anything that great on Sprint for me to get! But if the N1 comes before the SS, i might bite and get it! And I really want the SS to be out by June!
  15. pkpmoa1536

    pkpmoa1536 Well-Known Member

    Right now, I'll take any news, even some sort of teaser from Sprint. I am currently on TMO--it sucks for me. I might get coverage in my house depending on what room I am in; right now I'm in my office-no service :( Service has been up since early December, and I have been waiting for the SS or Incredible. I was leaning towards the Incredible until I played with a friend's N1. I really liked it, of course I will wait for Sense, but I would really prefer to have something with the 4.3" screen. I'm a big guy with big ol' hands, the more room, the better. So I am in no big hurry, but if something isn't revealed soon, I will not wait much past June without some solid release info, I'm going to jump on the Incredible.

    Honestly, I'd prefer Sprint, I've been with them before (had no problem with Customer Service, Reception, etc...) and I love the fact that they're soooooo much cheaper than everyone else. Plus, I live just down the street from their world headquarters here in KC, so I like supporting my local businesses, and I guess that this would count. But do not get me wrong, I'm not waiting forever while every other company out there brings the goods left and right.
  16. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    if they announce it then sure ill wait :) but if it is still just a rumor, and that's all it is, by the time ctia is over then i'll prob be caving, i just can't live with my instinct any longer, it just simply doesn't work at all, i can't even type, and the calls always dial the wrong person, the fav list is bugged.... enless missory with this phone, i do ultimately want the SS though
  17. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member


    I know what you mean about the Instinct. I had one too and was very disappointed with it. From that phone, I upgraded to the HTC Hero, but almost immediately, I wished it had a bigger screen and a faster processor (which is probably a never ending story). At least the Hero has a decent browser and it does a pretty good job with Google searches. For that part you can do voice to text which is fairly accurate and it beats typing. I also like that it's an Android phone and that it has Android Market. There's a lot of awesome programs to download and the widgets that come with HTC Sense UI make it a pleasure to use. If it were faster and had a bigger screen, with an accompanying larger keyboard, I would be a happy camper, but it only has a 580 MHz processor and a 3.2" screen and that's why I want the Supersonic.
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  18. KRD

    KRD Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with everything said.:D
  19. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    I've always felt this phone was too good to be true, so I won't be suprised either way, but I sincerely hope this phone is announced and the released shortly after.
  20. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I think it's healthy to have a difference of opinion. You and Covert and others probably think this phone is a hoax or at best a rumor, but I feel positive about it. When the HTC HD2 came out last fall, a lot of people were asking HTC to develop an Android version of the phone and that's basically what the Supersonic is supposed to be.

    It would erase all doubts if we could see the full specs and actual release date for the Supersonic, but I keep thinking that Sprint must want this phone as much as we do. They need it to show off their rapidly growing WiMAX 4G network and with partners like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Intel and Google, it gives me confidence that Sprint has a real good chance of staying ahead of the competition if they can bring this phone out soon.

    We were starting to hear more about the Supersonic, but there hasn't been much lately. I still think a lot of that has to do with the Apple lawsuit, but maybe Sprint is holding back until CTIA, which is about 10 days away now, to make an official announcement.
  21. bimmjo

    bimmjo Well-Known Member

    for what it is worth, and it is not much at all. I went to two different sprint stores yesterday to get my hero worked on and both mentioned the supersonic and said they were guessing June or July for a release date?

    I have had a lot of recent problems with my hero not working well as a phone, and was considering switching to a moment, the first guy told me to wait. He said I would be better off waiting as he was confident the supersonic was coming out, just not 100% able to tell me which month.

    He knows as much as we do which is nothing im sure, but it was some sort of hint maybe.
  22. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting, bimmjo. This thing about the customer service reps has been discussed in other forums and the consensus seems to be that the csr's have no inside information. When asked about it, you find out they generally get the information the same way we do - in forums like this or from news sites.
  23. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I was looking at the render of the HTC Supersonic and wondered what the final version might look like...

    In the picture below, the render of the HTC Bravo (left) when released morphed into the HTC Desire (right) or some would argue, the Nexus One. Either way, there was quite a change. Do you think the same thing is likely to happen with the Supersonic? I'm just trying to get some conversation going about this phone and I'm curious about your opinion and what you have to say about it.

  24. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    This is what the HTC Supersonic might look like if it doesn't change from the rendered version.
  25. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if there will be some kind of podcast or live webcast of Dan Hesse's keynote address next Wednesday at CTIA?
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