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Are you going to get the HTC M8 -Specs, carrier, discussion, and $$$DEALS$$$General

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  1. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

  2. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    I definitely won't be getting it. Not because there's anything wrong with it - it looks and sounds totally awesome and the HTC One was my favourite of last year's phones - but because I'm way too tight to spend $500 on a phone - the Nexus 4 pricing has spoilt me ;)

    Be interesting to hear what they do with the camera as that was the USP on the last version: the best camera on a 'droid. I'm sure others will be upping their game this year so HTC had best not rest on their laurels with the camera, even if they have a bit with the looks.

    Not that there's anything wrong with the looks - that's still one gorgeous looking phone even if it hasn't changed much :D
  3. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Yeah the camera is what interests me the most (and why I want one) However I will have to wait until after May if they have a March release. This due to Sprints 90 day wait period on unlocking a new phone on an account. I travel a lot and don't want to Roam on the Sprint network.
  4. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Well-Known Member

    Will this phone have Beats? Seems to be missing the logo on the back - maybe they just did away with the logo bc it rubs off anyway.
  5. likebutta

    likebutta Well-Known Member

    After the disappointment that was the HTC One Max, I gave up hope. And while the Note 3 was and is a good versatile phone, I'm having issues supporting Samsung at this time.

    Right now, it's between HTC and LG. At this point in time, I intend to get the HTC M8 and barring any sort of major let down (eg Camera is still exactly the same as the one), I will probably get one. Other than that, I might consider the LG 2 Pro.

    The only major downfall in my mind is the lack of built in stylus and companion UI elements. I really wish another company challenged Samsung on that front.
  6. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    I hope to get the M8 as well, just like you are saying: barring any major let down. Especially regarding the camera or display. I returned my One 4 times within the allowed 2 weeks for unsubstantiated display inconsistencies across 4 different units - then stuck with my solid year old phone. I entertained the idea of the One Max but skipped over it because of the terrible timing, lack of color options, along with the M8 rumors stacking up. I WILL NOT buy a silver or white phone, especially not the biggest most boisterous One in the line up.

    This rumor has been one of my favorites so far and I hope it comes to be true as I want to get a dark grey/black version on day 1 and not a day later. HTC's new M8 may have four color versions at launch

    Can I be curious? What does Companion UI elements mean?
  7. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    HTC Partnership with Beats remains unchanged.

    There is an article from last fall out, after Beats bought out the remaining stake from HTC that there will still be a partnership between them, at least for the time being.

    Of course you never know, everything changes!
  8. likebutta

    likebutta Well-Known Member

    Quite simply, any UI addition that takes advantage of the stylus. I mean, right now I can use a stylus on my Galaxy Nexus but it doesn't really do anything meaningful. Whereas with the Galaxy Note series, you have stuff like like SNote or Air Command; something that complements its usage.
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  9. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Well-Known Member

    If the SD card rumors are true then IDK what Im getting. Specs have to be top of the line Sanpdragon 805, as card or I'm getting the G Pro 2
  10. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    Hope they get back to built in wireless charging. The DNA has spoiled me there. Anything that dose not do that is out dated out of the box for me.

    Ready to port my land line over so maybe this one if they don't go cheep on it.

    If so won't upgrade from my DNA till maybe next March when some bad ass phone shows up for next Spring. ;)
  11. whitehat

    whitehat Well-Known Member

    It looks like the official M8 announce date will be March 25th.

    Here is another picture (this time inside a case) along with the reveal date.
  12. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    That picture is a rendering, not an actual photo.
  13. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    Ok, yeah. that makes sense.

    One aspect of the M8 has me a little worried. It is the height of the device.
    I thought the One was a little too tall, attributed to the dual speakers on the ends of the screen. And when I looked at the One Max in store, it was wayyy too tall and skinny. I hope that the M8 does not follow suit, though it looks like it may. It has been talked about alot already but rumors have been reporting the switch to on screen buttons, yet other photos of possible prototypes show the "wasted" area that the physical buttons used to occupy is still there! Housing a logo? That is completely counter productive. If the space is still there for no reason besides a logo I'd rather just keep the peace of mind knowing there are always on physical buttons there for me.

    HTC M8 (The New One) shows up at the FCC, confirms new curvier/tall design

    As always the real test will be once it is in hand/pocket.

    I also hope that the announcement and release are well planned with the supply chain for a simultaneous release. This wait for Mar. 25th is bad enough, but if they announce and then have another month wait for release I will be very disappointed. Time is a wasting. I'd love to be able to see the new device unveiled and be able to go pick it up right away or very shortly after. Market share is dwindling away.
  14. Carldvs

    Carldvs Well-Known Member

    Was deciding between M8 & S5.
    As real pictures surface on S5, I'm certainly waiting for M8.
    Samsung has yet again gone with plastic & that awful shape.
    No wonder they've gone for a low key launch.
  15. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    I was hoping the S5 would be built on an aluminum chassis. i didn't like the feel of the S4, which is one of the reasons I opted for the HTC One. I am just hoping that the design engineers at HTC did not have a brain fart and waste 1/4 of an inch of space for a logo of all things...
  16. njoythegame

    njoythegame New Member

    M8 test build:

  17. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Rumours of mircoSD card are encouraging. If only it had a replaceable battery I would be sold ;->
  18. likebutta

    likebutta Well-Known Member

    Looking good. Guess the other pic from the other day did in fact have some sort of clear shell on that made the "bezel" look thicker.
  19. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

  20. likebutta

    likebutta Well-Known Member

    I was originally going to go for the Black/Dark Grey but seeing their new silver colour, which is more of a "black ice" silver, I think I will probably go for that one instead.
  21. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    I may need to keep my next phone for 2 years. How well will the battery be holding its charge by then?
  22. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I'm hoping this phone lives up to it's rumors. I'm ready to step up my HTC experience. My Rez is starting to have some problems. I'd hate to leave HTC but I want top of the line when I replace. I guess I'm in the wait and see line. and keeping my fingers crossed.
  23. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    I wish they are true, but am having doubts. The various images evleaks has been posting seem to have a very similar SIM slot to the One. If it had a removable back like the dual-SIM One that would be a release catch instead.

    At this point we haven't seen anything official though.
  24. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Aha: just been watching the video that went up overnight, and assuming it's real (and it's much harder to fake than a still image or a spec sheet) there seems to be an extra slot on the other side :)
  25. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

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