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  1. Redforce

    Redforce New Member

    I'm thinking of getting this phone, but people I've spoke too told me that they had a lot of problems with their LG phones. I was wondering if they were unlucky or if this is a regular thing with LG ?

    Between the LG Optimus Black and the Samsung Galaxy Ace which one would you chose?

  2. nomboly

    nomboly New Member

    yes, I really am. The thing is, I live in Argentina and for almost 4 years, I have had the Nokia 5230 which was in fact one of the best phones I've had. After that, I bought the Nokia 5800 which was quite good but the software was not up-to-date and just when Nokia released its 5.0 Firmware I updated it and in the next day, someone stole it from me. So I got the Samsung Jet S8000 which was pure rubbish it couldn't do anything and the Omnia II which was good but it lacked capacitive touch screen and speed was not good, no GPS because it didn't work, and so on (other than the fact that WM 6.5 was rubbish). SOOOO I got myself an Optimus Black which, at first glance is the best looking phone I've ever seen, and it really does what you expect it to do, neither the quickest nor the smoothest phone in the market but it WORKS I CAN GUARANTEE IT WITH MY LIFE XDXD
  3. nomboly

    nomboly New Member

    Oh and the second day of usage, due to an error, my lg op black fell into the swimming pool and stayed for 10 secs when I got it out it was working YEAH!!! (it was reeealy full of water but it works like a scramjet xD)
  4. wind25surf

    wind25surf New Member

    I have had many problems with the LG optinum black over the 4 months i have had it and its been back to LG repair shop 5 times , after 2 more days of repairs its still over heating and turning its self off
    If you take the battery out it will boot up again or let it cool down it will start up.
    Has any one ells had this problem with this phone ?
  5. frecciak

    frecciak New Member

    i love my black :)
    low price and very good smartphone..
    for some reason i have to use froyo, and froto is very bad for this phone..but whit new version of android is very good..
  6. eedgar356

    eedgar356 New Member

    I just got this phone......
    Current provider CLARO in Puerto Rico.....
    Current plan .....UNLIMITED Local Calls,
    UNLIMITED Long distance,(US),
    UNLIMITED DATA.....:)Yes U read Right!!!!
    For $61.06 US a month.....
    BTW I use this phone to connect my Desk top to the Internet......
    Last month I used over 100 GB watching movies online.....
    REALLY GETTING MY MONIES WORTH ON THIS PLAN:smokingsomb::smokingsomb:
  7. vic236

    vic236 Member

    I purchased 3 LG-P970 online for $200 each.

    One of them is so far doing okay, the other 2 have issues.

    1 of them with issues has now had the flashing issue cannot get it fixed in Australia bcs of limited warranty.

    In a nut shell LG is shit I would not reco this phone, IPhone 3 and 4 is a far better pcs of hardware.

    If anyone finds out the flash issue pls post
  8. GreenMuse

    GreenMuse Member

    You say iphone 3-4 are better? And you're asking about a flash issue?
    I hope you know that an Iphone doesn't even have flash?

    I have my optimus black since over a year and it's the best phone I ever had. Maybe there are better phones for the same price, but my choice was te LG-OB and I would choose it again
  9. cebu111

    cebu111 Active Member

    Im currently enjoying my LG optimus black. Love it.
  10. ezrydn

    ezrydn New Member

    I have the 970. My only gripe is with PC Suite. It's really lacking in capability. You have to go 3rd party just to do file work. Nothing seems easy on the 970.
  11. RomWiz

    RomWiz Member

    I want a new one bcs im a little bit of a gamer and my ob is not living up to my expectations
  12. Nicholaschw

    Nicholaschw Active Member Developer

    Thats equilavent to replacing your current
  13. Jake72

    Jake72 Member

    You mean you wish you bought a diferent phone? I think I do. If I had bought a samsung S2 instead it would already be on ICS or even Jellybean? nice and easy instead of me spending hours and hours fiddling with the stuff LG provide and so far not getting beyond android 2.2 (Froyo).
  14. RomWiz

    RomWiz Member

    Yeah, but I'm using jelly bean (4.2) on my p970 right now :p
    But as you should know there is official ics ;)
  15. Jake72

    Jake72 Member

    From LG????
  16. RomWiz

    RomWiz Member

    Yes, officially ics was released last month...
  17. Jake72

    Jake72 Member

    Not for me according to LG. Maybe T-mobile have not ratified any updates for the P970 in the UK?

    I had this conversation with LG:

    Thank you for your email regarding your P970

    Based on the information you have provided me with and reading through your query, I can advise you that there not an update available for your phone, in the uk the update is not out yet. I would advise you to keep checking on the mobile support tool regularly to see if this is available.

    I hope this has been of assistance to you. However, if the information I have provided does not help you or if you have any further questions please email again or contact our Customer Service Team again on 0844 8475454 or via the Web Chat facility on our website and we will endeavour to do our best to resolve your query.

    Please could I ask you to complete a short survey based on the response and information that I have provided you today. All feed back given is greatly appreciated and helps to improve LG Electronics Customer Services.

    Best regards,

    (Mobile Phone Support)

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
    LG Customer Services
    UK: 0844 847 5454 Ireland: 0818 27 6954
    Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 11am-5pm


    Received Date : 17/01/2013 20:23 18
    The type of inquiry : Software/Hardware updates
    Product/Model No. : WCDMA/LGP970

    First of all can I ask why FOTA will say I have the latest software already. I last updated my firmware over a year ago in september 2011.

    I have been having a conversation about my phone failing to update and I have tried compatibility mode as suggested and it still fails at 6%. I got the software from this website using internet explorer 9.

    Dear ......

    Thank you for your email regarding your P970

    Based on the information you have provided me with, and after reading through your query, I would recommend that if your PC is running Windows 7 64Bit then you may have a isse with compatability you will be able to change this by right clicking on the icon and going into properties, Also i must ask which browser did you use to download the PC suite (if any) and the location that you downloaded the file from.

  18. RomWiz

    RomWiz Member

    In my country there is an update available!

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