Are you worried about the multitouch limitations on the N!

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  1. wankingweiner

    wankingweiner Well-Known Member

  2. mr HTC

    mr HTC Member

    I'd say don't worry about it. The matter with games, there aren't alot of games where you cross the points of contact. In multitouch games (these days) like on the i-phone, you have a joystick on screen, and butoons to press. Or you swipe the screen above the joystick to turn. No real crossing as you can see. Also there alot of games that dont involve multitouch. Google is a smart company, they just had the gamers development conference, so that won't be a problem i'd say. As for day to day use, as for i know, the nexus has great pinch-to-zoom and other capabilities. I think people are a bit exajurating and just WANT to find a problem in these great phones. So don't hassle about buying this phone, there's nothing wrong with it, i'm gonna buy it too. And i will enjoy it.
  3. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    I am going to buy this phone and I don't really think this will be much of an issue.
  4. mcosmi

    mcosmi Member

    I have used a nexus one from DAY 1 and i have to say that I never noticed any real world impact concerning this issue. So much so that I was shocked when i found out about it. I play games on it, and use it extensively. I am an iphone convert, and i must say that the n1 is the greatest phone i have ever owned(i have had every iphone from day 1 too). This is a phenomenal device, and this little bug should not be a determining factor in making the jump to android. I am not lookin back, the google integration, google voice etc(well im sure u know how good this phone/platform is) Anyway, it is a non-issue...get the phone u will be SOOO happy with it.
  5. wankingweiner

    wankingweiner Well-Known Member

    thanks for the positive replies. Makes me feel better about it :D

    Now gotta save up for it lol

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