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  1. joshgfeller

    joshgfeller New Member

    Hey all, my dad has to measure a lot of acreage and area around fields. Anyone know of an app that you can use the DROID gps to do this? Such as start at a corner of a field, hit start and drive around the field and then measure it from the gps?


  2. RavenTBK

    RavenTBK New Member


    There is a similar app to this description in existence for Windows Mobile devices, called SurveyArea3.

    Just this afternoon I had a need to survey some acreage, so my searches on google led me to this thread, and pretty much nowhere else. I'm kinda sad to see that an app hasnt been developed for this yet.

    So, yeah, I'd like to see one too if anybody knows of one... not necessarily developed specifically for the DROID, as I sport a Samsung Moment, but yeah.:rolleyes:
  3. FarmLogic

    FarmLogic New Member

    We have an app that allows you to draw your field boundaries with GPS or by hand on your phone or on your web account. The FarmPAD app is used to enter farm/spray records, equipment service logs, spray, take notes or pictures, etc.

    Jason Klotz
    FarmLogic Engineering Manager
  4. FarmLogic

    FarmLogic New Member

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