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  1. rlafleur

    rlafleur New Member

    I dropped my Aria the other day while shopping with my wife, and now the phone is having problems retaining a charge on the battery. At least that is what appears to be the problem. What happens is the phone always registers the charge on the battery as critically low (2 - 5% charge remaining) even after leaving the phone plugged in overnight. I've rooted the phone so I was able to update the ROM from 2.1 --> 2.2, but it's still doing the same thing. I put a friend's battery that was 50% charged into my phone, and it still registered as critically low. There's clearly a problem with the device itself so I need to go to AT&T to have it replaced under warranty. However, I know that rooting a phone voids the warranty so I have to revert to the non-rooted stock AT&T ROM. I downloaded the ROM update, and installed HTC Sync on my PC. However, the ROM update utility provided by HTC will not update the ROM without 30% battery life. How can I revert my phone to the non-rooted stock AT&T ROM so I can get a new one from AT&T? Also, are the HTC phones typically this sensitive to being dropped? I've had a number of cell phones, and have never had any major problems after dropping them.

  2. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    If you make a backup of your stock ROM after rooting, you could always boot into recovery, and flash it. From there, you could unroot with the phone plugged in. Who knows, maybe it's a software problem and flashing back to stock will help your battery problem. Either way, you need to flash back to your stock ROM before unrooting.
  3. rlafleur

    rlafleur New Member

    So I did make a back up of the stock 2.1 ROM. Is there a way to unroot the phone without reflashing the phone? This would get me into a fully supported config where I could return the phone under warranty. If not, is there a way to extract the rom from the aria_rom.exe file provided by AT&T and reflash that way? I can't use their utility *requires* 30%, but the phone is reporting a dead battery.
  4. thizasian

    thizasian New Member

    My phone is also having that same exact problem. Is there no way to fix it? Or must it just be replaced with a new phone?

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