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  1. tward09

    tward09 Member

    Hello all

    I'm a Droid user that convinced my girlfriend to skip the iPhone and go for Android, so she got the Aria. Lately, while I'm on the phone with her it will automatically hang up and call a different contact, mainly the first one alphabetically. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions? Fixes? I've tried to convince her to root, but she doesn't have AT&T's insurance so she's pretty reluctant. Thanks for anything comment-wise.

  2. JudgeMAN

    JudgeMAN Member

    You dont need insurance to replace the phone within the first month. Try that first. If she rooted, insurance and warrenty is void =P
  3. mrdoc

    mrdoc Well-Known Member

    u can always unroot it if needed!
  4. JudgeMAN

    JudgeMAN Member

    True. But from what I have read on XDA, it seems a bit overly complicated to completly unroot and remove ClockworkMod.

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