Aria, HTC Sync and Outlook Issue

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  1. vispdx

    vispdx New Member

    I am new to the android world - picked up an Aria last Friday - so far so good. I installed HTC Sync on my computer yesterday and got it sync'd up with Outlook. I thought I was golden on that front.

    This morning - my phone does not find HTC Sync on my PC. I launched the HTC sync on my PC and it shows the phone disconnected. The USB connection status is set up to PC connect.

    I did install Application Killer yesterday, Killed a few processes I did not want (news feeds, weather type stuff). I don't recall killing a PC Sync application but I could have. I went back to the Application killer and I did not see any PC Sync applications in the listing.

    Any ideas on why my phone will not connect to HTC Sync? Any help is appreciated.


  2. xdmanalo

    xdmanalo Well-Known Member

    I have also experienced a few connectivity issues during a sync. An unplug/plug usually solves the issue.

    If you suspect the App Killer, have you tried totally disabling it?
  3. vispdx

    vispdx New Member

    The problem was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Air. I had an IT person look into the issue and he found it by logging in as a new user and attempting to sync the phone. The PC operating system indicated an issue with Adobe Air. Once that was installed (reinstalled actually) the phone now syncs.

    Odd - but at least it now works.

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