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  1. mrdoc

    mrdoc Well-Known Member

    I know this topic is discussed in other threads but now that i guess people will have some experience with it, 2 questions:

    Any one used Film screen protectors? Are they clear enough? Do they affect touch function?

    What is ur experience with cases? which ones do u like?
    I found quite a few of them. Basically i just something that will absorb some shock at least, is not slippery and not bulky..
    Here are few different ones i found so far..

    (please search at ebay for these exact terms and see the first one in the results.. For some reason i cant get the direct ebay links to work when i post them here..)


    New Black Rubberized Hard Case Cover For HTC Aria ATT

    JET BLACK Soft Gel Hard Case Skin for AT&T HTC Aria

    Rubber Hard Case Skin Guard for HTC AT&T Aria A6366

    New Black Silicone Case Cover For HTC Aria AT&T Liberty

    Rubberized Rubber Hard Case Cover Skin For Aria A6366

  2. mrdoc

    mrdoc Well-Known Member

  3. RocketRay

    RocketRay Active Member

    I got a silicone case from *********. There was a direct link to it from some other thread I haven't run across lately. I like it, especially cause it lets me use my old iPhone holder for my car. :) Before I had to use a rubber band to hold it in.
  4. Tuckerfan

    Tuckerfan New Member

    I use the cut to fit Fellowes clear screen protectors and find that they work quite well. Don't cut down on the brightness to any significant degree and they also help to conceal the smudges left by my fingers as I trace the unlock pattern on the phone. The big downside to them is that they're not custom fit, so you have to do your best with some scissors and a hole punch to get them to fit right, and once you get a corner pulled up, they tend not to last long.
  5. mrdoc

    mrdoc Well-Known Member

    thanks guys..
  6. mrdoc

    mrdoc Well-Known Member

    Just an update:
    I bought this one at ebay:
    Black Hard Rubber Case Cover +Film for HTC ARIA LIBERTY

    Using it now. It is pretty cool. The case fits perfectly and is good quality. The screen protector also fits well. Happy with it so far..
  7. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

    I use the AT&T clear film and it works well so far. I recommend it.

    I also have the AT&T aria rubber case and an ebay black silicone case. both function fine. the AT&T case is not as sticky so it may be better for apcoket-carried phone.
  8. isabelle123

    isabelle123 New Member

  9. erwaso

    erwaso Well-Known Member

    I bought the cheap ebay 3pack for ~$4 shipped
    -blk silicone case. (dnt use)
    -screen protector. (sticks on. No water or spraying needed)
    -car charger.

    I dont like silicone cases so i bought the $3 rubberized hard case. Its a good fit, doesnt stick inside jeans or suit pockets and prevents scratches but i havent dropped it yet so not sure if its the kind that breaks apart like the other cheapo cases.
  10. erwaso

    erwaso Well-Known Member

    update on my post above. my aria slipped out my hand and fell over 4ft on concrete. case split apart and phone fell on its face. small scratch on corner of case on first impact.

    the cheapo think sticker screen protector saved the aria from scratching! tiny lil marks from concrete when it fell on face but the sides of naked phone are still good and clean :)

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