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  1. Missingsoul

    Missingsoul New Member

    I'm trying to convert a video from my HTC Aria so it plays nicely on my computer.
    It says it's MPEG4 encoding but the video type when i put it on my PC shows up as .3gp
    I've been having the hardest time just trying to convert the video so i can send it to friends.
    Is there any reason why this is not simpler? This has to be quite a big problem and i'm very suprised nobody has posted about this before me.

    I have Vista 64-bit btw.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. RwGWiccan

    RwGWiccan New Member

    This is a fairly easy thing to to do if you have the right program. I would google a program called Handbrake. It converts many different formats of video files to other formats and at a fairly good speed.

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