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  1. bensEVO

    bensEVO Member

    Does anyone know if there is an arm band that fits the EVO for running and exercising?

  2. MikeAltogether

    MikeAltogether Active Member

    I've been on an epic quest to find a running solution myself. I started this thread just before the phone released.

    So far I have tried both a vertical and horizontal clip-on case attached to my waistband, as well as a generic arm band.

    And by generic arm band, I mean one that is actually designed as an ID card holder/wallet. Why? Because I have yet to find an arm band big enough to hold the Evo. Ipod arm bands are generally way too small. I was able to jam my evo in to one, but it took me a couple minutes to get it back out. It might be viable for you if you do not use a shell case.

    Also something to note: almost all arm bands have a clear plastic cover on one side so that you can see/use the device. I have the Zagg Invisible Shield on the front of my phone, and when I went running with the arm band, the invisible shield and the plastic from the armband stuck together (the humidity here probably was a factor!). As I pulled the phone out of the armband, the plastic on the armband pulled the invisible shield up off the phone, causing a couple huge air bubbles. I was able to squeegee them out with no problem though. Something to keep in mind.

    I've yet to find a great solution, but for now I am using my generic arm band with the phone turned around (screen facing my arm) so it doesn't stick.
  3. fechina

    fechina Member

  4. Stepintothedark

    Stepintothedark Well-Known Member

  5. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    i have been trying to fit these everywhere i go it realy does look like it should fit snug in an ipod touch/iphone strap but you do not get the oportunity to try those accessories out anywhere, they are all in sealed containers and expensive so i have not yet tryed since i cannot just throw money at something without being sure. anyone else have experience with them?
  6. Stepintothedark

    Stepintothedark Well-Known Member

    I went into Best Buy yesterday, purchased an ipod armband, just out of simple impatience, went over the the service counter, and the person looked at me kinda weird... and asked

    "Can I help you?"

    "Nope I'm just opening this to see if my Evo will fit, and if it doesnt I'm going to have to return it..."

    she asked "well you can if you still have the receipt"

    "yes ma'am, I just bought it"


    and no it was VERY! snug.... meaning a HUGE pain in the ass to get in and out, I almost ripped the case getting the phone back out, BUT I got my money back...
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  7. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    you totaly pronounced lol to her IRL didn't you? =] (i know you did! :p)
    well it looks like back to the other option.... waiting....
    someone must make one for this behemath. i am thinking about just buying the rubber-band fabric and wrapping it around my arm once the otterbox comes out...
  8. overclock

    overclock Well-Known Member


    I hate Pest Buy. But they successfully put CompUSSR out of business. Sure is nice to eliminate the competition and provide even worse customer service.
  9. josh_evo

    josh_evo Member

  10. nbm400

    nbm400 Well-Known Member

  11. josh_evo

    josh_evo Member


    Well please do. I'm looking for something for something so i can bring the EVO along.

  12. Stepintothedark

    Stepintothedark Well-Known Member

    Yeah I would figure if the armband would work for the HD2, it'd probably work for the evo right?
  13. nbm400

    nbm400 Well-Known Member

    That's my logic. Looks like its neoprene, so it should stretch enuff to cover the millimeter or two difference in size from the HD2.
  14. some.devil

    some.devil Well-Known Member

    Great thread.

    The HD2 arm band may be a good option for me. I too am looking for a armband for the Evo.
  15. carlspeed

    carlspeed Active Member

  16. spartacus

    spartacus Member

    Any updates on your arm bands?
  17. JonathanWoodward

    JonathanWoodward New Member

    Just bought one from the link above. Go to ebay and search for "Sport Armband for HTC HD2 Leo EVO 4G Sony Ericsson X10."

    I've added email updates to this thread, so when I get the product (about 6-14 days) I will update my review.
  18. wei

    wei New Member

  19. expletiveinserted

    expletiveinserted Well-Known Member

    The armband on ebay looks nice, but ships from Hong Kong. This will take weeks to receive :(
  20. ibleedbloo

    ibleedbloo Well-Known Member

    I received my batteries and charger that came from Hong Kong in about a week. Its a small world after all.
  21. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    i would like to see someones hands-on video of this! if it is trueley EVO caliber!
  22. Leafgreen

    Leafgreen Active Member

    I run several times per week and also wanted an armband to play my music and also run the stopwatch app.
    I also ordered the one from the link above from ebay. I was NOT happy with it. Uncomfortable and cheaply made. :mad: A waste of money.
    Further googling turned up another model and I bought this one: - Hold-a-Phone Smartphone/Blackberry/iPhone/iPod Jogging Holde
    I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and am quite happy with it. Worth the money. Hope that helps. :D
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  23. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    but does this one doast to be, or at least seem to be sweat resistant in any way? i seems like it might be a big wash cloth who will soak up sweat and ruin the machine.
  24. rhalf

    rhalf Member

    Ordered the one from Hong Kong and it's fine for me. I wouldn't say it's top of the line quality, but it's not bad, and it's 12 bucks. Took it on a 30-mile 2-hour bike ride today and no problem w/ sweat soaking through. The only slight concern I have is that it's a fairly tight squeeze getting it into the pocket, but the fabric stretches so just have to be careful.
  25. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    but you said it stretched out, raly not lookin for one who is going to stretch and is going to be seni sweat resistant....

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