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  1. delgriffith

    delgriffith New Member

    I bought a Tune Belt case that was recommended for the Atrix as well as several other phones, but when I got it I found that it is really huge for this phone. I was wondering if anyone can recommend an armband case that fits the Atrix tightly? Pretty sure I could fit two Atrixs and my wallet in this thing. Thanks for any thoughts...


  2. delgriffith

    delgriffith New Member

    Answering my own question here. A little while ago I bought a "Arkon Sports Armband for All iPhone Models" Model: SMARMBAND on Amazon and it is just about perfect with my Seidio Innocase II on the phone. It takes just a tad extra tugging to get in than maybe the I-phone would, but it's about as perfect as you are going to get. The earphone jack is even close enough to an opening make it work.

    ...just thought I'd update for the record.

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