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Army Survival Guide Just Released

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  1. momojo

    momojo Active Member

    MoMojo Technologies MoMojo - Cyrket has just released the first version of The Army Survival Guide. It puts all the information you will ever need for difficult survival situations on your android phone! Wether you are an avid outdoor lover or a Soldier of Fortune this app will be sure to save your life.


    Army Survival Guide - Cyrket

  2. danlaw777

    danlaw777 Well-Known Member

    Ready to be a


  3. bamaredwingsfan

    bamaredwingsfan Well-Known Member

    Hope that guide tells you how to build a phone charger from scratch, cause its useless once the droid is dead, so are you.
  4. Noocyte

    Noocyte New Member

    Solar chargers can be bought...
  5. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing. Given the great battery life of the Moto Droid, you pretty much have about 12 hours to suck down that whole guide before you're on your own.
  6. pwabbit

    pwabbit Well-Known Member

    Yep, I own one.
  7. momojo

    momojo Active Member

    Yeah, I'm actually looking at getting a solar charger for mine. Some of the other android phones have better battery life. Maybe I should add a chapter on "Building a solar charger from foil and duct tape" ;)

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