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  1. Cryptoncore

    Cryptoncore New Member

    Hello everyone, im looking for some help with my arnova 10b g3 tablet, about transferring files to my 16gb external (micro) sd card, okay ill start with the problem.

    1) any apps i try to move to sd card report a fail.

    2) i have tried apps such as apps2sd and has nothing but fail messages and errors

    3) tried using superuser permissions

    4) tried to get done with usb debugging and cmd commands but the usb driver was failing to install

    after all 4 of these events i moved on to other ideas and have now flashed a custom rom named "kasty-arn10bg3-40-041a" to my arnova tablet, same thing again.

    Anyone who can help i would greatly appreciate. 4gb internal is simply not enough, what can i do to solve this issue? and if it involves usb debugging can you supply a driver i can direct windows to install please.

    Thank-you and i hope i can have some help from you brain-boxes out there :D.


  2. dcweyh

    dcweyh New Member

    On ICS it's built in I think, at lease on my phone if you go into setting and Apps.
    Each app has a move to USB storage button if its available for the app.

    I'll be getting my 10b on Thursday.
  3. Rrileypm

    Rrileypm New Member

    I to am an android user who feels it is important to maintain control of where files are placed on my system, otherwise I would have an ipad.

    The solution requires you to be rooted. Set your file explorer to access root. I use xplore, but others prefer es explorer.

    Go to: /system/etc/permissions

    Find file: platform.xml

    Edit the file in the text editor in xplore.

    Find the line <permission name="android . permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">

    Under where it says: <group gid="sdcard_rw" />

    Add this: <group gid="media_rw" />


    After your tablet reboot, you should be able to copy/move files back and forth between internal and external sd cards.

    As for moving apps to sd, the ICS system has changed. Some apps aren't written to work with this new system, and will give you problems. Unless you are running low on app space, there is no benefit to doing this, and some apps won't function properly.

    I hope that helps. I that this fix will make it to future custom ROM's out there.

  4. stanedge

    stanedge New Member

    Hello all

    I bought this G3 thing a week ago and found that I could transfer files to the internal storage but not the other way around.

    It's not connected to the web so I have had to download apps from Freeware4android to my Micro SD card and then into the G3, I tried about 6 or 7 file managers, none of which would work.

    I then came across "Send to SD" can't give you the links the forum won't let me but Google will find it, (paste this is to the search: send to sd card app) there is also a link to the developers site where you can download it to an SD card from your PC.

    Having made somewhat of a mess of the internal storage after the above I reset it to the 'out of the box' state and then installed the "Send to SD" app and it worked :)

    Using the 'out of the box' Explorer I can copy a single file or a folder and then by going straight back to the external SD card Paste it in, the Paste function that was greyed out previously is now illuminated.

    I've just tried by going to the APK folder in Explorer to move an App to the SD card, I moved Office Suite Professional using the Copy and then the Paste function it worked fine and I've checked the card on my PC, it's definately there.

    This is what you find lol after fiddling with piddling apps to find something that works in the background and is only 67k is amazing, the developer deserves a (gold) medal :)

    Oh one last thing, I didn't alter any of the preset parameters in "Send to SD"

  5. jude77

    jude77 New Member

    this is to rrileypm i am having problems with the sd card so i followed your instructions but when i get to were you write the group gid media etc no keyboard comes up so could you tell me how you did thanks very much i,m using the arnova 10b g3 rooted. jude
  6. stanedge

    stanedge New Member

    Hello all,

    Update to my post above, I bought one of those micro USB to USB adaptors and using the SD and CF card readers I can now read from and write to; a CFcard, a standard SD card, the Internal Memory and the Micro SD card in it's slot.

    For instance I had some pics on a CF card, transferred them to the internal memory and then to a standard SD card, this occurred at a photoshot where we wanted to share the out of camera pics and do it on location.

    It's an excellent bit of kit this 10b G3 thingy


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