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  1. izzy35

    izzy35 Well-Known Member

    When you click on "Phone" and start typing letters to bring up whatever contact you're trying to locate, there are horizontal arrows that are on both sides of the name if that particular person has multiple numbers. Is there a way to scroll right or left to see them or am I forced to click on the "index card" looking icon to pull up their entry??

    It's also like that when you look at "call history"...

    Thanks :D

  2. Bob Dobalina

    Bob Dobalina Well-Known Member

    If you are talking about the green, blue and red arrows, those indicate whether a call was received, connected or missed....

    NM sorry I just noticed exactly what you were talking about....I can only access the other numbers and contact information if I do a long press on the contact and it will bring up options...
  3. izzy35

    izzy35 Well-Known Member

    No, not those. If you pull up a contact or an entry on your missed call log, and that person has multiple phone numbers, look on each side of the name, there's a grayed out arrow on each side of the name.
  4. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    Yeah you can swap through the numbers, give a swipe on your trackpad
  5. izzy35

    izzy35 Well-Known Member

    OH MY GOD YOU ROCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I knew there had to be a way!! Thanks a bunch! :D

    Everyday I find something new that this little, what I once thought was useless, track pad, can actually do!
  6. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I get that a lot :cool: Glad I could help haha

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