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Artist not recognised

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  1. Gingerpose

    Gingerpose Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 1, 2010
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    Folks, was wondering if anyone has been having similar issues as me recently.
    Basically since I installed froyo ota, most of the music library on my Desire shows up as artist not recognised. Albums are recognised as are songs, just the artist info seems to not be picked up. Happens whether I use the android player, Zimly or MixZing.
    I have checked the file info when the phone is connected to pc as disc drive and it seems to be complete i.e there is the correct info in the Artist field.
    I have also deleted and resynced all the music on the phone, and the result is exactly the same. Used windows media player to sync ( as I have done since I got the phone in June, and up til the update the artists were always recognised)

    Any ideas?




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