Artists showing up multiple times - album artist vs. track artist

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  1. dm88

    dm88 Well-Known Member

    I know this has been mentioned before but I thought I would find a lot more posts regarding this so I want to make sure it is not my fault...

    Basically I ripped all of my CDs and orgainzed them into folders. The main folder is the Artist and any subfolders would be the album name. When tagging them, it has a field for album artist and track artist. For example..

    Folder: 2 Pac
    Subfolder: All Eyez on Me
    Subfolder 2: Disc 1

    Then I have each track as a filename such as:

    05 - How Do You Want It.mp3

    For that track, the Album Artist is 2 Pac and the Track Artist is 2 Pac feat. K-Ci and Jo Jo. which are entered in those fields.

    There are several tracks on that disc that have different track artists than album artist (several different ones that hae 2 Pac feat. different artists). The problem is on any player I have tried on Android, if you go to the list of artists in your library, it will have 2 Pac, 2 Pac feat. K-Ci and Jo Jo, 2 Pac feat. Nate Dogg, etc. It won't just list 2 Pac, it separates them all out by the track artist. I tried to put these same songs on an ipod touch and it did it the way I want (only had 2 Pac under the artist lists and not all the others, and then when you look at the track it shows the featuring artists). Is there anyway to do this on Android with any player, or do I need to go back and change all the tags so the track artist and album artist are the same? I know that would make it work, but it would take a lot of time and also dumb it down in the sense that it wouldnt have the featuing artists listed.

  2. Roadie1015

    Roadie1015 Well-Known Member

    This bugs me too, it's a little frustrating that android devices won't read tags properly like the rest of the world.

    One work around would be to put the other artists in the song name, ie. How do you Want It (feat feat. K-Ci and Jo Jo)

    Have you tried Power Amp? I hear it reads tags differently than most other players. Pro Player has an option to browse only by Album Artist, but it doesn't work, and when I look at the tags all of the album artists are blank. Even if I try to add an album artist manually it won't stay.
  3. dm88

    dm88 Well-Known Member

    I must have tried Power Amp because it says my trial has expired so it must not have worked or I would have kept it. I can't believe that there is no way to do this! I hate to rename everything in case this does get fixed someday but I guess that is the only way around it for now. This sucks.
  4. dm88

    dm88 Well-Known Member

    I am bringing this up again because after upgrading to Jellybean, I think this is fixed!

    I have my music in folders as mentioned above in the original post. I used the stock Google Play Music app and when I went under Artists, it just listed the Album Artist and not all of the track artists as I was describing above. I downloaded the trial of Poweramp and Doubletwist and they both did it the old way by listing all of track artists rather than the album artist. Was this fixed with the Play Music app recently? Has anyone gotten any other players to work by just showing the album artist?

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