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  1. hanginghelmet

    hanginghelmet Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what happened to this app? I love it but when I reset my phone when I went to download it from the App Market it is gone. I googled it and its nowhere to be found. Anyone know why its not available anymore and where I might be able to download it from? thanks!!

  2. Gareatron

    Gareatron Well-Known Member

    Just use zedge it has everything. Wallpapers or ringtones it should be there.
  3. hanginghelmet

    hanginghelmet Well-Known Member

    That doesn't let you downoad any current music. What I liked about ARU was you could type in any artist or song and it usually had it....
  4. collins753

    collins753 Member

    i know i loved aru
  5. karenbg

    karenbg New Member

    I'm looking for aru too. Has anyone figured out how to get it back - if that's possible? I haven't found anything else that is as easy, comprehensive, or free.
  6. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    The marked took most of those app's down, and basically made them for a lack of better terms "Illegal" on the market. I had one I used too, and when my sd card took a crap on me, I lost it. From time to time I would search the market to see if one had gotten thru, and recently found one that did, and have been using that since, but noticed it was gone from the market a day later.

    My advise, if you manage to snag a similar program from the market, use a program like Astro to back it up on your SD card, and make sure to have a backup of your SD card on your home computer, so if anything happens to either your phone or SD card, you still have all your programs and what not. And yes, with Astro you are able to make full back ups of all your apps. It's nice with a phone like ours, you can have it backed up, and just install whatever program when you want to use it to save space.
  7. CNU2012

    CNU2012 New Member

    I still have the app on my phone and all of the ringtones I had previously downloaded, but now I can't download anymore. It's not even an option to preview any of the ringtones. I'm on a search to find anything like it because I can't find anything as good.

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