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  1. Talrune

    Talrune Member

    So I have had my ascend 2 since it came out never an issue with c7 or it being rooted. today i just shut phone off went to turn it back on and it gets to the Huawei logo vibrates then screen goes blank as if it shut off and repeates cant hard reset it as I dont have an extension to put the micor sd into a computer to put the update zip on there any other ideas? have tried to get it to clockwork recovery doesnt seem to work.

    I can get it to the firmware upgrade screen but of course do not have that update or anyway to get it on my card at moment. Why it did this out of no where i have no clue have not added any new root software etc to it.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. HeatherKalli

    HeatherKalli New Member

    My Ascend 2 literally just started doing the same thing. Did you get yours fixed?
  3. Talrune

    Talrune Member

    yeah i put the micrsd into my laptop and put update onto it there and worked fine.

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