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  1. generalyou

    generalyou Member

    My Ascend will no longer charge, I have tried replacing the charger a few times. I would really like to bring it back to life to root it and use it as a mini tablet, but I don't know what to do. I have had it for less than a year, I can't believe it is unusable already. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need a new battery?

  2. KOLIO


    If you had problems w/the battery life gradually decreasing before your phone got to the state of not holding a charge at all,then my money's on that the battery is shot(6+ months of heavy daily use).

    I'd take it to a dealer near you & see if they have another battery that you can troubleshoot with.If it's a fully charged battery & the phone is still dead,then,it's a warranty issue.Take it back to the point of purchase for an exchange.

    Odds are that they won't have an ASCEND on hand to replace yours.
    So,they'll probably offer a comparable model,perhaps even bump you up to the ASCEND II.I'd ask for this,especially since the A2 is only $69 on-line,cheaper than the original ASCEND MSRP.
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  3. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    My Ascend battery died a couple of months ago. I got one online for $15, and with CM7 and a new battery, the battery life is great! There are cheaper ones available, but I would only recommend the 1500mah OEM ones. There are a lot of shady looking ones out there.
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  4. generalyou

    generalyou Member

    Would it still be under warranty? I purchased it online back in January. I do think it's a battery issue, I did have trouble with battery life until it went dead.

    If it isn't under warranty, I will definitely go online to get a new battery. $15 is cheap, especially considering what I would pay to purchase a new one.
  5. KOLIO


    Did a lot of digging on CRICKET'S website.The phone itself is under warranty for one year.Nothing that I read excluded the battery from that warranty(I may have missed something,as this warranty is buried in the fine print on their website),however,I suspect that the battery is not covered.
    A phone call to the point of sale/CRICKET/METRO,or even HUAWEI may be in order to further investigate whether the battery is covered under the same warranty as the phone itself.

    BTW,did you buy your phone new,directly from CRICKET/METRO PCS,or,a 3rd party dealer,or,used via a private seller?This may also affect the validity of the warranty.Most of the time,the original warranty is not transferable,however,the law on this varies from state to state.

    Either way,if you can't find a dealer nearby who has a battery that you can troubleshoot with,or,an ASCEND that you could troubleshoot your chargers with,I'd go w/Gmash's suggestion & get an inexpensive battery from AMAZON or e-Bay to troubleshoot with.The reputable sellers have a decent return policy,if the battery is not the problem,as long as you return it w/the original packaging intact as best as possible.
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  6. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    Try powering up your phone with the battery out and the charger plugged in. I believe the Ascend should at least power up this way, and if it does, it probably isn't your charger that's the problem.
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  7. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Like Kolio said, I doubt the battery would be covered, I think that it's considered normal wear and tear. And that's a good suggestion by BlastGT. This is the one I got:

    And don't feel bad, you're battery lasted longer than mine did. I saw some batteries when I was looking that were as low as $4, but a lot of them were only 1100mah. I definitely wouldn't get anything less than 1500mah, which is the same size as the stock one.
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  8. generalyou

    generalyou Member

    I bought the phone directly from the Metro PCS website.

    I tried plugging in the phone with the battery out, it does not turn on. I tried plugging it in with the battery in, it turned on, loaded, then turned off because of lack of battery. I tried several different chargers, all of which charge other phones perfectly well with the same results.

    And Kolio, thanks for doing that research, that was really nice. :)

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