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Ascend p7 does not work with Fiio E18 KunlunSupport

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  1. alphajerk

    alphajerk New Member


    I love this phone and it was supposed to have USB OTG working. Maybe it does work for external storage, but I want to make it work with my DAC Fiio E18, which is compatible with Android devices via USB OTG. On my previous Samsung Galaxy S3 it was no problem and the DAC worked well with the phone and transmitted the music externally. However Ascend P7 seems to not see the Fiio E18 at all when connected via USB OTG cable, does not recognize any USB OTG signal from the DAC and does not transmit any sound via the DAC.

    Anyone knows if there is a solution for this?


  2. simonferre

    simonferre Member

    What sort of cable do you have for USBOTG?

    I didn't think this phone supported it, but if it does, I may be able to plug in a mouse to control certain games/browser better.
  3. alphajerk

    alphajerk New Member

    I have USBOTG cable that was supplied with the FiiO DAC. It works with my old SGS3, it doesn't with the P7. USB OTG Checker app installed from Play says the feature is present, but for some reason the is no sound signal coming from it.

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