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  1. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    Would like to hear about your experiences with the Ascend P7. Perhaps share your top 3 pros and cons.

  2. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    Just got mine yesterday. Wow, is it thin! Beautifully designed device and very light. The sharp vivid colors are quite remarkable. This appears to be an excellent mid range device with the highest build quality. The camera experience is really second to none. I have used the HTC One M8, Sony Z2, Galaxy S5, etc....and Huawei spared no quality here. Best front facing camera around and a unique 'super fast' snapshot feature that enables to point and snap a photo (while your phone is asleep) by pressing the volume down button, in less than 1.5 seconds. Please share your experiences!
  3. simonferre

    simonferre Member

    Well, I'm not 'into phones' just like I'm not 'into cars' in the sense that as long as it has 4 wheels and moves from A to B, I'm happy, and as long as it can make and receive calls, send and receive texts and has a reasonable battery life, it's just what I need, but I have never had an Android based phone before (I spent 3-4 years on a Nokia N8 on the Symbian platform).

    I digress, the only thing I was a bit disappointed about was the reviews all state there is no HDMI port (which I could live with) but also no MHL interface. Well, my brother and his partner own and run a Shop that sells cables and adaptors, and when I was with them in the shop the other day I showed them my new phone. When I mentioned that there was no MHL support, they immediately didn't believe me and went to their customer HD LCD, whipped out a MHL adaptor and continued to plug it into the phone, and lo and behold, the phone display showed up on the TV.

    I decided not to purchase their adaptor, but that is only because it requires a second USB connection to provide power which kind of defeats the purpose of having an adaptor to plug in, as it means I would have to sit near a mains lead to use it on our TV at home.

    I've searched the web again and still can not find a single site where it says the P7 does support MHL, so I've joined this site to share my findings.

    Hope this helps, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my first foray into the Android world.

    Apps a plenty, but there's an idea I have for an app but that means I will have to start to learn how to program in Android. I've downloaded the IDE so hopefully will start to get into this exciting world.

    Glad to be here on the forums. Hope to hear from other P7 users.
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  4. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    Using 'phone manager' and 'optimization' are key to enhance the battery life experience. Works very well. Overall it's a decent phone, not too many gripes. The one that bothers me the most is WhatsApp notifications, for whatever reason, do not come through right away. I have double checked, over and over again, to ensure the app stays on and is not shut down by the 'phone manager' but still no success. The other thing is on a few occasions the device struggles to maintain a good mobile data connection. 'Loses internet connection' now and again. Restart fixes the problem. Never had that with other devices I have owned like Samsung or HTC.
    The display is beautiful and the design is top notch as we have said before. The camera results are wickedly good, especially with that front facer: the best I have ever seen.
    I am still struggling to determine whether it's a keeper. The temptation with the plethora of high end devices (mind you at a significant cost increase) is too much, especially with the Note4 and Xperia Z3 just weeks away. To be continued....
  5. chogdog

    chogdog New Member

    Oldish thread, I know, but I've recently acquired one. It was free with a contract and I'd never heard of who-are-we before. I don't like it. It's slow, the keyboards are not suitable for me, the zoom feature does not work properly when I view forums and it's not easy to use with a single hand. There appears to be no calibration for the g sensor or the keyboard, the list of niggles goes on but I won't list them all. Little things maybe, but it doesn't make for a good user experience. Having said all that I've never found a smartphone that didn't have issues. I often wonder what drugs the designers are smoking when they make these things because they are not intuitive or easy to use.
  6. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    I did eventually move on from the AP7. Probably over 2 months ago. It was nice. I wanted more from a user experience. After having experienced the likes of the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8, you really notice the speed difference. It's as if the processor just could not keep up or maintain the level of performance on a consistent basis. A little 'lag' here, another 'lag' there, and I lost interest real fast. The inconsistent wifi connection stability was an issue for me. And of course, no LTE. HSPA + was the best it could do. Battery life was good. Not the best I have ever had. At least you only pay 50 to 60% for such a device of what you would for a premium Samsung or HTC like device.

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