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  1. bluestar100

    bluestar100 New Member

    I cant charge my huawei ascend. when i plug in the charger, the lights just blink but doesn't power up. Please help.

  2. UnSmartphone

    UnSmartphone Well-Known Member

    thats strange... have you put the battery in it??
  3. SweetFace

    SweetFace New Member

    I'am having this same issue...tried emailing Huawei directly as i do not have warranty thru my carrier. HOPEFULLY they fix it!
  4. joser116

    joser116 Guest

    Remove the battery. Reinsert after 5 seconds.
    Try holding down volume down, send key, and power. Let go off all buttons when the phone vibrates at the Huawei screen. Click factory reset using trackball. Click yes. After that is done, select wipe cache partition. Select yes, and phone will turn off, but all apparently,settings, and contacts will be lost. Contacts could be recovered by signing in to Google account.
  5. jlerma210

    jlerma210 New Member

    Did that last post help anyone? I tried it on my phone and nothing.
  6. anfractuosities

    anfractuosities New Member

    I am having the same problem. I cannot find any solutions. Has this been resolved yet?

    also, at metro they said that the blinking lights is a battery issue....but my battery is putting 3.7v through the phone. I tested it at the connection points in the phone while the battery was plugged in.
  7. Ladya90

    Ladya90 Member

    did anyone find a answer to this my phone just did the exact same thing a few seconds ago and the hard reset isn't working
  8. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Try holding the Volume UP(Instead of volume down),SEND,& POWER ON button.If that doesn't work,try re-booting w/the phone plugged in to the A/C wall outlet,& then,remove the battery.
  9. Ladya90

    Ladya90 Member

    thanks for the info but nothing worked will go to cricket store tomorrow to see if a new battery will help if not will just be getting a new phone and trashing this one
  10. deacon0921

    deacon0921 New Member

    I joined this just so I hope I can help some of you.. my girlfriends phone just started doing the same thing, and i remembered it was after she downloaded an app. so after trying alot of these i had her try to unplug her sd card.. it seemed to work, try taking out the sd card turn it off then turn it back on.. then just wipe the sd card som other way, havent got that far yet kind of scared to plug it in my computer if it did that to her phone.. anyways hope this helps.
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  11. starr1048

    starr1048 Well-Known Member

    If u just got the phone bring it back,
    on my post mine won't charge either
    so u took it back to metro
    they gave me a LG cable
    now its charging again
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  12. grifkat82

    grifkat82 Member

    My cricket store told me it could be a virus on my phone. I have an antivirus program on my phone and its showing my phone is clean. I'm going to go warrenty out my battery.
  13. sandsalways09

    sandsalways09 New Member

    I just got a new battery for my Huawei Ascend
    (3.7V 1500mAH (5.6Wh) Li-Polymer, Model: HB4F1)

    ...and was LIVID that it didnt work when I plugged it in. Most batteries have a little juice in them before you need to fully charge. This new one had NONE! I put it in my phone yesterday and it just kept blinking away on the menu bar. I didnt have time to allow it to sit so used my old battery last night. This morning I attempted to charge my new battery again and IT WORKED!!!.....After about waiting for 5 min. When my phone turned on it showed that the charging status was at 0%. That was about 0545 am and now it is at 8% at 0603 am.

    I am not sure how long you all are waiting, but maybe give it 5-10 min. Im guessing that there wasnt enough juice to even power the phone on when initially plugged in. I hope this helps. Try this first before going out to buy another battery.

    Also, when I talked to the guy at the Phone store, Huawei Ascend phones can only use Huawei batteries. Whether its true or not I am not sure of, but when I called around (to about 20 places) none of them carried 3.7V 1500mAH (5.6Wh) Li-Polymer batteries that would be compatible with the Ascend.

    Hope this helps!

  14. GalvestonGal

    GalvestonGal New Member

    Noticed this: BOTH times this has happened to my son, it occurred AFTER he let the battery drop down to zip. The phone was completely dead. After charging for just a little while, he'd get the flashing lights and nothing on this page helped UNTIL he let it charge overnight, and then ... it just powered on. Recommendation: NEVER LET THIS CELL PHONE GO COMPLETELY DEAD. Ever. Reminds of some of the first video cams that came out; if you let them go 100% dead, you could actually just lose the battery completely. Maybe these batteries are like that cause I've just googgled this prob and found HUNDREDS of people asking the same question -at one site alone there were nearly 1000 versions of this same question! To me? This means they started ya'll with el cheapo batteries AND a badly made low-end cell droid. Worth half of what they sell it for instantly after purchase, and probably less if you tried to hock it! ANYTHING that is like that? Is trash. Take it back, if you can, and pay $40 more and get a MUCH better phone! Think this Ascend is an overpriced POS. Just the opinon of an old lady but ... money is tight! Saving $40 vs losing that call that would've landed you a great job? I'd be losing that cell ASAP!
  15. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    must have been a bad phone when you bought it, but every ascend is different tho. when i caliberate my battery i charge to 100 than discharge all the way to dead and have not in counter this before.
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  16. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Battery on this phone is actually pretty good for a smartphone. Its really recommended to let it drain all the way down once a month or so, then let it charge all the way. You don't let it die all the way down, charge it for five minutes, then troll a forum because it doesn't work right away. If you think the ascend is overpriced, you must have very unrealistic expectations of what you can get for $100 or less.
  17. gmnomad

    gmnomad New Member

    Just signed up cause I had the same problem but found the solution elsewhere, so I figured I would share... This is what worked for me after having only the buttons flash and no power up or charge... Take out the battery, with the battery removed plug in your charger. The phone will power up, after you here the welcome note, replace your battery and leave your phone alone until it fully charges. Took me a couple trys before it started actually charging but it worked. Hope this helps, Im glad I didnt have to bother with taking it in :)
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  18. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    That's possibly due to a bad connection (The Battery, not the USB) or a bad battery, hard to tell which one it is I think.

    Glad you shared, welcome to AndroidForums! [​IMG]
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  19. RuVrD3

    RuVrD3 New Member

    This worked for me thank you! Mine turned off while I was on the Internet and my mom called it showed our home number on the screen but not the contact name anyway when I answered it shut off I tried several other ways but only your's helped. Thank you again!
  20. RuVrD3

    RuVrD3 New Member

    Mine was fully charged I never let it get completely discharged. I've tried every way recommended and taking out the sd card worked..for all of 10 seconds! I'm really disappointed because I really liked this phone but I guess it was too CHEAP to be true! Anyway my point is, yep I concur with what she said.
  21. Jessika101085

    Jessika101085 New Member

    This was a life saver had all my important info on my phone and it wouldnt work , but ur solution works perfectly
  22. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

  23. anoymous

    anoymous New Member

    The same thing happened with my.ascend
    Just plug it in to the charger for a maybe 20 minutes and it shud come back on
  24. mimiwalsh

    mimiwalsh New Member

    Thank you so much for this information. It worked like a charm & you made my 2 boys very happy. Their phone is actually charging as I type. Crazy the "so called professionals", couldn't or wouldnt share this with me. They told us the battery was completely depleated and since the phone is no longer made, I'd have to replace the phone all together. I hope you know that you rock! Lol I'm quoting my 4 yr old there. He plays mindcraft on an old phone of mine & couldnt afford to buy a new one! Take care :)
  25. Sammyoh

    Sammyoh New Member

    I just bought the phone , I set up all my information on my computer then went to turn the phone on and nothing came on, no light only vibrating once in awhile can someone help

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