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  1. cdragonm

    cdragonm Member

    Is there a ROM that is bloatware free of carrier crap? Just ICS, nothing special. Also, getting my phone to reboot/shutdown on it's own is next to impossible (have to remove the battery to shut it off) without removing the Otterbox case, what gives? (this is after being rooted only, cwm recovery/root is all with 4.0.4). I have also attempted to revert it to stock but the walk through at xdnet only got me as far as having version 2.3.5, but an ICS Baseband version.

    I have yet to try any roms as I have not found one that don't have bugs, I'm not expecting bug free, but I would like my phone to work without any major issues. Right now if I shut the phone off and turn it back on it hangs at the SAMSUNG screen (second one) for over a minute....

    So at this point I would just LOVE to unlock it, but cannot afford to do that. I sold my computer just to make it through the month. And my tv....and a few other things. Should just sell the phone and get a cheapy, but we all have limits. I WANT to the thing back to all original STOCK roms. How can I get it there? I've flashed back to 2.3.5 but it won't update itself, gives aan error about being interrupted every time. How do I Unroot? Is file deletion the only way? Is there a Counter Resetter? get that back to 0. I want it to reflect that I did nothing to change it. I have followed many a step by steps only to be stuck.

    Thanks for the help in advance, i'd kiss you (only if it works) but I hate germs.

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  3. cdragonm

    cdragonm Member

    Yeah I have done that but I become stuck in 2.3 and unable to update. It retains the ICS baseband version as well. I have done the process twice and am only able to get ICS back by way of rooting. It's quite frustrating, i'm sure it's me and not the phone, i'm just not sure what haha. IF you can suggest an EXTREMELY stable JB or even ICS rom with next to no bugs I would even go that route! lol.
  4. davidlb512

    davidlb512 Active Member

    If you're phone is rooted, install ROM Manager from the Play Store, and flash Clockworkmod Recovery, and then go to the Download ROM section of ROM Manager. Find CyanogenMod, and install the lastest version. It will only show versions available for your phone, so no need to search for the one for you. I'm currently running CyanogenMod 10.0, and absolutely love it!

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