(Ask) Can i accessed the net from my PC with G5?Support

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  1. Ricxz

    Ricxz New Member

    i've got a PC with interet connection, can i accessed the internet with my Samsung G5? What hardware n/or software i have to installed on my PC and mu G5? Thanks

  2. need a wireless router, so you can make your own hotspot, and your g5 kan connect through it.
  3. Ricxz

    Ricxz New Member

    Thanks but could i use the bluetooth PAN or PVN on it?
  4. cristi

    cristi Member

    i get what yo're trying to do, clearly andikasuhendar did not you want to make your g5 a net hotspot and the answer is yes e a internet data plan and all you need now is a theathering program wich you can download off the android marketplace for free.

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