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  1. hamolton

    hamolton New Member

    I would like to see assaultcube ported to Android. It is the best fps that can run on ancient hardware (pentium 3's!) and, done right, would be one of the most successful android games ever by launching hardcore mobile gaming :D
    This would require...
    • The game uses openAL, I dunno how much coding that would be to convert
    • Creating a control system that can use the buttons and keys on the phone, as well as the touch screen
    • Using a different masterserver or something
    • Willingness to change program if there's balancing issues
    • whatever else porting requires

  2. paulscode

    paulscode Well-Known Member

    I decided to take a look into this, after I came across your post while searching for something else. I've been doing a lot of porting programs to Android in my spare time, and this one looks like a good candidate.

    For the basic requirements, I've already ported OpenAL to Android, and Pelya's SDL port would cover most of the remaining ones. So my initial assessment is that a port to Android would be totally doable.

    The biggest initial task would be porting the graphics to OpenGL ES, which is a significantly different API than plain vanilla OpenGL. I found that Intel has done some work on this (see this article). It's not entirely what would be needed for an Android port, but it would certainly be better than starting from scratch.

    After getting the graphics to work, the main task would be the user interface, as you suggested. This is actually the fun part of porting to Android - where you can really start to personalize the project.

    So the verdict? Well, this looks like a great project. I have a couple others I'm working on at the moment, but I will definitely put this on my wish-list for when I'm looking to start another project ( assuming someone else doesn't get to it first :D )
  3. hamolton

    hamolton New Member

    Well, I hope somebody can start it soon!

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