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Assigning Different Ringtones For Text And EmailGeneral

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  1. lkrause

    lkrause Well-Known Member

    Hello, I am coming from a Blackberry to Android. With my Blackberry I was able to create sound profiles where I had a different ringtone for my incoming text messages and my incoming emails. This was helpful to know first hand what kind of message I had just received. Is there any way to set a separate ringtone for these with an Android phone? I have Zedge loaded on my Samsung Transform Ultra and when I download a tone it only gives me the option of setting it as Ringtone, Contact, or Notification. The notification would include text as well as email notifications. I only see this option when setting from the phone as well. How do I get my email and text notifications to be separate, or is it even possible? Thanks

  2. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Hi LKrause! Welcome to Android Forums! Glad to see you here. For my android device, yes, you can set separte ringtone notifiations for your email, text messages and distinct phone-contact ringtones.

    You should see the settings for each and make the changes just so. Let me compile some links of this discussion for you thats here on AF. I'll update this post or add a new one below.

    Feel free to ask any questions you wish. I find this site much user friendly than others where responses are of no help or preempt with a "google it" type response..
  3. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

  4. sully92

    sully92 Well-Known Member

    hey man try ringdroid
  5. Rylnn

    Rylnn New Member

    On my previous phone I was able to have no ringtone for incoming calls that were not in my contact folder. This was if spam calls came in they went staight to my voicemail and didn't ring on my phone - can I do this with my transform ultra? If so how - I don't see an options to set no ringtone for calls not in my contact list.

    Thanks all.
  6. Chris1329

    Chris1329 New Member

    I have the same problem but.... I have a htc hero and when I download a ringtone from zedge I can only set them as my incoming call ringtone and I don't know how to set it as my message/ notification ringtone.... Please help!!!
  7. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    @rylnn I'm sure there is an app that does that but I don't know what it is. In the mean time download a ringtone that a very low volume whitenoise ringtone or one of those frequencies not audible to you or better yet any human being and set that as your general ringtone.. Next set ringtone for the people you do want to hear call you by individual or group if you have a contacts adding to let you do it by group.

    @Chris set your ringtone in settings by pressing the menu button on your home screen and choosing settings and then choosing sound. Notifications is your generic ringtone for everything from a voicemail to an email to a chrome to phone page opening. You can set individual ringtones for different types of notifications in each apps settings. For instance I can set a different ringtone for an email from my text by using the default notification ringtone for texts and using a different one I set in gmail for emails.
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  8. memjay67

    memjay67 New Member

    Loota, thanks, I'd been playing with my Samsung Galaxy S2 for a few weeks, trying to figure out how to get different sounds for the incoming emails, vs. the texts. Hadn't thought of going into the app first, then into the settings for the app...duh! Anyhow, I did click your dropbox link & set up the free dropbox, but there was no place for me to give you the props...do you get the extra space automatically, or did I do something wrong?
  9. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    ditto on the dropbox thing
  10. BigDAS

    BigDAS New Member

    I have a Prism II. Since most 'Droids are created equal, this may work for most of you:

    1. Download the ringtone of your choice if you haven't previously.
    2. Go to Settings, File Manager and find the ringtone file (usually in the Audio category).
    3. Press and hold the file until the option menu appears.
    4. Choose "Set as" then "Notification ringtone".
    5. Choose Message, Email, Calender, or Other.
    6. Check the message at the bottom of the screen to verify your choice.

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