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  1. sess69

    sess69 New Member

    I just got a LG Apex,which is the brother to the LG Ally, how do I assign ringtones to specific contacts?

  2. socobandit

    socobandit Well-Known Member

    on the ally, you go into contacts, select the contact, and then hit the menu button while their info is up, then select options, and the top selection is ringtone
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  3. dtyndall

    dtyndall New Member

    Can you assign different ringtones for text messages to specific contacts?
  4. bubscar27

    bubscar27 New Member

    is there a way to assign music to the contacts for text messaging???
  5. firewall_03

    firewall_03 New Member

    any ideas anybody?
  6. VAGirl52067

    VAGirl52067 Member

    there is an app called WhoIsIt Lite that allows u to assign a different ringtone for each contact for sms, mms, and ringtone. Its free and works great. Just remember to silence ur phone notifications or u will be getting double tones.

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