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  1. ktziff

    ktziff New Member

    Just picked up the Shift after being a blackberry guy for many years. Very slick! Can someone please advise me on how to delete multiple emails and/or texts simultaneously instead of having to do one at a time? On the BB, I'd hold down the shift key and scroll the trackball or track pad to highlight the items and then delete.....not seeing that on this device. I'm sure it's possible, just not sure how....please forgive the android newbie! Thank you!

  2. EmoTonyB

    EmoTonyB Well-Known Member

    depending on the mail client you are using, you can pres menu (in the mail app) and there should be a select all option. txts there used to be a delete all button in 2.1 but now you hit delete and have to manually select all the threads, thats what i did anyway... still wondering why it isnt the same as 2.1
  3. Matty Mo

    Matty Mo Well-Known Member

    if your using yahoo mail, menu then delete then you check the boxes you want to delete or a select all option
  4. EmoTonyB

    EmoTonyB Well-Known Member

    in txts one press on menu will give you delete option. either chose the single ones you want to delete or ANOTHER menu press to get the delete all threads option. JUST figured this one out, thought id share.
  5. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    In stock mail client, hit menu, delete. An X will appear to the right of all emails. Select all the ones you and hit delete.

    If you menu while in delete mode, you'll see "select all"
  6. ktziff

    ktziff New Member

    I do see the "check box" option in yahoo mail, however, I also have my work email on the device using an Exchange Server...seems that I am only able to delete one at a time by holding down the message and tapping the delete option. Same issue with my email check boxes- very odd! There must be a simple solution, I'm just not seeing it yet! Thanks for any and all help!
  7. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    I can only make the X appear after hitting menu > delete. Then ALL of the emails have an X next to them. They are not X'ed though. I have to then do a "select all"
  8. ChTidio

    ChTidio Active Member

    Yeah, I'm using the stock mail client too and coming from a BB (and Palm), I miss the ability to shift and scroll to mark. That way I could mark one, two, or 10 emails and then delete them. In this client, I have to select them all or scroll and check the X next to each of them, many more keystrokes required :-(

    I also installed K-9 Mail (a different client), but it behaves pretty much the same way, when it comes to deleting emails. There are other mail clients available, I may try some when I get a chance.

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