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  1. akaivyleaf

    akaivyleaf Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to control the brightness of the assistive light? I want it brighter than it is, right now its "dull" for lack of a better word. It reminds me of using a 60 watt bulb, versus a 100 Watt. No, nothing is obstructing the light and it is much brighter when it is serves as the camera flash.

  2. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    I'm spoiled by HTC's native Flashlight and unfortunately still haven't found a flashlight app that works like it in allowing for brightness levels. I even tried to install several versions of the HTC flashlight with no success. Ended up using TeslaLED since it's the only one without ads or other unnecessary permissions.
  3. star444

    star444 Member

    I don't see a way to make the Assistive Light Widget brighter, however, there are quite a few flashlights in Google Play that claim to be bright.

    I tried one that was very bright. I think it was "Brightest LED Flashlight by Surpax Technology":
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  4. tytlyf

    tytlyf Well-Known Member

  5. denmalley

    denmalley Well-Known Member Contributor

    So the additive light only comes in the form of an obnoxiously large widget? I too am seeking a flashlight app. Does anyone know if any of these flashlight apps are tested on the s4 to assure they don't burn out or overheat the led?

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