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Astro File Manager does not restore apps into Market?Support

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  1. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    Easy way to keep apps current???

    Also, I noticed several saved apps (angry birds, etc) were not listed under "backed up".

  2. dtmorgwsu

    dtmorgwsu Member

    There is a market app that allows you to keep your apps that are backup up to the sd card current. Its called aTrackDog. Look for it in market. It will search through and allow you to update them all, as long as you purchased them from the android market.
  3. I can CONFIRM that astro has fixed this problem. To test I backed up my apps with Astro, removed Acast, which was in my Android Market downloads section, checked that it was gone from Android Marketplace, restored the app, and then confirmed it showed back up under My App in the Android Market place.

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