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  1. cls77

    cls77 New Member

    After calling a week ago on my broken Incredible (water damage arghhhh!) and only being offered the options of a Motorola Droid X, Samsung Fascinate or HTC Ares -- I called this morning and was offered an Incredible 2 for replacement! Still hesitated at first -- I will really miss the Incredible 1's trackball -- but happy to be back with an Incredible phone!

    On my first call, I had complained my way to Advanced Customer Care with no results. They told me the Incredible 2 to Incredible was not a "comparable phone". This time around the first person I spoke with got me the Incredible 2!

    Hope your results are the same!

  2. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

  3. sqerkl

    sqerkl Active Member

    Not exactly in my case, but congrats to you all the same.

    Last week, when I called Asurion for a replacement for my Droid Inc 1 (shattered screen) and insisted that, in my eyes, only an HTC device could be "comparable replacement" for my phone, they offered - much to my surprise - the Thunderbolt. I would've preferred the Inc 2, but the ACC rep told me that it was "too new" to be an option.

    Truth be told, even though I've no complaints about the Thunderbolt, I'd rather have my Inc 1. Especially since I live in a non-4G LTE area.
  4. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    how long do you have to have asurion before you can make a claim?
  5. Angels Punishment

    Angels Punishment Well-Known Member

    I just called and they wanted to give me another incredible 1.

    Called again. They still insisted on the Incredible 1. Got to advanced customer care and the same thing. Basically Incredible 1 or Droid X.

    Called verizon and got some rude black guy named Ashawn or something. I told him I don't want the X or the Incredible because I don't like the X and I've had problems with 4 of my past Incredibles. He then asked if I wanted an Incredible 2 or a Droid Charge so I could have my cake and eat it too. Basically I laughed at him but I found it rude considering I was extremely nice the entire time to everyone I spoke to. Then he's like "you're eligible for an early upgrade so do you want the droid charge, the thunderbolt, the incredible 2, or the iPhone 4(LOL)". I didn't want to use my upgrade because verizon is doing away with them I guess and I want to save it for a large upgrade, not some minuscule one that will lock me in for another 2 years. Basically the guy was a dick dispute me being kind the entire time. I'm just sick of the Incredible speaker blowing and my charging port being loose. I don't know how you guys got so lucky, but I can't get a different phone to save my life. I'm gonna call verizon and complain about the Ashawn guy's rudeness. Wish I knew what extension to use though.

    He also kept going on about the new Incredible and it's new better screen and better software. And he was talking about the Incredible 1 with the LCD
  6. sqerkl

    sqerkl Active Member

    On the upside, you get to now enjoy Netflix on your device. Also, I would've considered myself lucky if I'd gotten an INC 1 - anything other than a Motorola. For me it's about principle. I originally purchased an HTC, my replacement should be an HTC.
  7. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    you should be able to make a claim within a day or two really with assurion. But you can only make 2 claims per 12 months, so keep that in mind.

    As for the guy who got lucky with the inc2...grats. I deal with assurion quite a bit, and you just got lucky dealing with someone that is cool, really I haven't dealt with anyone like yet, so grats on the new inc2.
  8. Ba'al

    Ba'al Member

    What does his color have to do with anything?

    You do realize that each and every time you call, notes are made about the conversation, your requests, etc., right??? It's pretty easy for them to pick out someone who is trying to game the system rather than someone with a legitimate issue.

    You're paying for Asurion to cover your Inc, not be your upgrade path. The fact that some people are able to achieve an "upgrade" due to either no Inc's being available or a history of failures doesn't mean that you're entitled to the same result.

    Good luck with that complaint!
  9. Angels Punishment

    Angels Punishment Well-Known Member

    I didn't mean anything by it.

    And to the rest, I used different numbers and didn't go far enough information wise to link myself.

    My Incredible has a loose charging port which makes charging it a nightmare and it just developed over time, and what a surprise, my speaker blew out again. I'm not calling JUST for an upgrade, I'm calling for a different phone that's not the droid X.
  10. rgr555

    rgr555 Well-Known Member

    Do you have to pay a fee for replacement, and send them the broken Incredible?
  11. Angels Punishment

    Angels Punishment Well-Known Member

    $89 deductible and yes
  12. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    trade my inc1 AMOLED screen mint condition, case it's entirerty and not a scratch on the screen of the phone. for thunderbolt?:D
  13. ericDylan

    ericDylan Well-Known Member

    wouldn't a blown speaker be covered by Verizon's extended warranty? if so, that would mean no deductible correct?
  14. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Off topic and/or inflammatory comments removed.

    I'm sure nothing here was said with any malicious intent - please consider the matter dropped :)
  15. msuna

    msuna Active Member

    Asurion just replaced my droid inc 1 with a droid inc 2. She said they only have droid in 2 in stock so I said ok, I will take that. I called in that my phone is overheating and I can't use it for more than 10 minutes without it rebooting. Such a pain as I love the INC1 and the trackball..... but I am happy to have an Inc 2.
  16. msuna

    msuna Active Member

    Anyone know how to install an app on my inc 1 phone no longer on the marketplace on another phone. Is there Anyway to install this program on my incredible 2?
  17. poland626

    poland626 Well-Known Member

    I got a replacement Inc 1 THIS week because the power jack was malfunctioning so they did send me the inc 1. THEN, This same week, it was at the gym with me and someone put a weight/barbell on it so the screen was cracked. I was mad. I sent a form online for it to be replaced at 9pm. It said ONLINE, at, that they would offer me the INC2!!! I was excited.

    Shockingly, I submitted the form at 9pm, it left KY at 3:40 am, reached Newark, nj at 5 AM. That's less than 2 frickin hours! I got it less than 24 hours after I submitted the form!!! AWESOME.

    Plus, I love this new 4 inch screen and I do miss the track ball but the front facing camera makes up for it!! :D:D:D:D:D:D
  18. AppsRUs

    AppsRUs Well-Known Member

    Why does it have to be 'some rude Black guy'? Why can't he just be rude? This country, I tell you. God forbid we move past color and get down to the real issues. I've had rude 'White people', but I've never labeled them according to their color. They were just rude. Rudeness comes in every race, nationality, gender, etc. You need to get you some better knowledge.
  19. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    AppsRUs, this thread has already been down that route of discussion. It got nasty, so I had to delete it all.

    As such I'm closing this thread, before history repeats it's self.
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