Asurion no longers stocks the Rezound.General

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  1. GodofBore

    GodofBore Well-Known Member

    Asurion's website said they no longer could get Rezounds, you either get a Thunderbolt or Incredible 4G.

  2. mysticspiral

    mysticspiral Well-Known Member

    Well I must say that this must bite for some people . Its exactly like when Boost decided to no longer sell the prevail , now that was my favorite phone . So I feel for those who this may affect.
  3. dlamber7

    dlamber7 Well-Known Member

    Well the tbolt is a major step backwards. The Inc 4g isn't a bad device, if you don't mind not having rom selections. I have both the rez and Inc 4g,the Inc 4g is my daily driver and it's still stock. The rez is my backup, htcdev unlocked running ICS MIUI.
  4. DVJ38

    DVJ38 Member

    I called today, and they are sending me an HTC Rezound in the mail tomorrow. New or like new. So I'd have to say that your information is incorrect, or atleast not the same as mine. Maybe calling helps.
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    This could be like they do the Evo 3D

    Several people have reported asurion doesn't carry a device when they do. Just need to call them up and claim your call got dropped in the middle of claim and say it was confirmed they do have that phone in stock.

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