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asus tf101 b70 tablet will not take ICS, help?Support

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  1. patchrhythm

    patchrhythm Active Member

    Since ICS was released, I been drooling over trying to factory restore my asus tf101 b70 model tablet and it can't update to ICS because it's rooted. Root fails and I cannot factory restore to the original rom image.

    After two days of screwing around with it...

    Ok, somehow I've managed to unroot (lock/un-jailbreak) my aus tf101 tablet, in preparation for ICS (Ice Cream Sandwitch) Android v4. I've read if you attemp to update while rooted, you brick your phone/tablet. This is good practice for my phone, because if I brick that, I'm screwed. LOL >:)

    Where do I go from here? The update isn't taking and I've regretfully failed trying to factory restore it. Even though I have a factory image from before I rooted it.

    I have no idea how I unrooted, but I've got the factory image from Asus and I want to know how to restore it to the factory condition, but without using an exterior microsd card and no I do not have the docking station.

    I really need to be able to load default updates through android. I'm sorry I ever rooted and please just help me restore it to "out of the box" condition. :(

    I'm not trying to sell it. I love it more than my laptop now and after owning it for a couple of weeks, I really don't care for the root thing anymore. I just want to be able to install updates without going blind reading forums. :mad:

    Please help, it's less than a month old. I know I violated warranty and opted out of extended warranty from bestbuy, but there has to be something I can do. :eek:

    the only thing I can think of is to attempt to return it to bestbuy, lie and say I didn't mess with it, or tell them it's bricked and i didn't do it. LOL

    other option, i can purchase extended warranty and once again lie and tell them to fix it. :rolleyes:

    any other ideas? hopefully ones that won't cost money. :confused:

    Product Specifications:

    B70----------- Did you really think I would give you my S/N? LOL :p

    Product Type:
    Eee Family

    Product Model:
    Eee Pad Transformer TF101

    Asus-Eee Pad Transformer Tablet with 32GB Hard Drive-Brown/Black-TF101-B1

    SKU: 2475112

    Model Number: TF101-B1


    Purchase Date:

    Operating System:

  2. drowe

    drowe Well-Known Member

    You have two options that I can see. The first is to re-root, re-install CWM, and flash the rooted version that you can find here or on xda. The other is to follow the unrooting instructions, remove CWM, and flash one of the old versions from asus web site and try again. I didn't have any luck with that, it kept failing on the OTA install at about 25%. I did the first way and it installed fine.

    Here is a link to some directions on xda that are a little clearer: Link
  3. Windy

    Windy Member

  4. patchrhythm

    patchrhythm Active Member

    i managed to do factory reset, only after i updated clockwork recovery mod to the most updated version. the text on screen was orange in the version that wasn't working. the one that worked was blue text.

    Here is the write up i followed, only after updating to a newer version of clockwork recovery mod,
    How To Unroot and Remove CWM Recovery on Asus Transformer - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr

    by the way, after all that trouble, my device did get factory restored so that I could ota update to ics and fyi, ics works great and is awesome for me. hope everyone has a good luck as i did and wish you the best.

    hope the info helps.
  5. patchrhythm

    patchrhythm Active Member

    just an update.

    ics works great now.

    but it drains battery faster. upgrading to ics android 4.0 disables charging via usb cable. So I neglected to upgrade my samsung galaxy prevail and have stayed rooted.

    If I did attempt to upgrade, I would have to unroot and do the same thing I did with my tablet.

    I was impressed that I was even offered the upgrade for my phone, wasn't aware it could handle it. Being that it's slimed down version of the galaxy.

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