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  1. smokeymouse

    smokeymouse Member

    ok so i wanna know where the ak notepad files are stored? i did a full restore of both phone and sdcard prior to updating to 2.2 rom but now i cant find where they are. there was some pretty important stuff in the notepad and it'd be awesome if i could get it back

  2. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    When you say restore, do you mean you wiped your card/phone or you did a backup of your card/phone?

    if you mean you wiped/formatted/etc - its gone and you will never get it back.

    if you mean backup - restore your backup and your app should still be able to see it.

    Use Springpad - Android app on AppBrain next time if you cant get them back. Springpad automatically uploads everything to a website that you can access outside of your phone to view all your stuff. Includes voice recordings, camera pics, etc.
  3. smokeymouse

    smokeymouse Member

    i wiped the phone/card. before doing that though i copied the contents of it all onto my desktop
  4. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    Ok well, assuming you have ALL the files. Trying using a file search from your desktop/laptop file viewer.

    Or I guess you could try dl the app again and saving a test file and using astro on your phone to see where it gets saved
  5. rose_at_snaptic

    rose_at_snaptic New Member

    Hey Smokeymouse,

    My name is Rose and I work for Snaptic (we develop AK Notepad).

    We store your notes locally on your phone. We do not store your notes on the SD card. We choose not to store notes on the SD card for privacy concerns; any app on the phone can access files on the SD card. When they are stored locally, only AK Notepad can access the files.

    In the future, you can go into settings and export your notes to your SD card. I highly advise deleting the copy of the .txt file after you're finished doing whatever you're doing with your notes.

    You can also sync and backup your notes for free to Snaptic.com. You can create an account directly from the app. Syncing to Snaptic.com will also back up any reminders that you set on notes.

    I hope this helps! And sorry about the missing notes. We'd just like to make sure we take as much effort to prevent personal information from being accessed by any app on your phone.
  6. smokeymouse

    smokeymouse Member

    thank you so much for the info. do you happen to know which folder they are stored in?
  7. Piper

    Piper New Member

    Dear rose_at_snaptic,

    Thanks for this information. I have a different problem. My phone works and I can connect to my PC fine. But the screen is shattered and I can't operate it normally. I have my replacement and everything is back except my AK Notepad files. I know they are on there somewhere. I have my PC set to show hidden files, but I can't find anything that are the Notepad files. I really want them back. Can you help?

  8. tjleeland

    tjleeland New Member

    Wow Rose. That kind of sucks. I wish I had known that. Perhaps your company could do a better job of saying that. I just sold my EVO and thought that my AK notebook stuff was backed up on the SD card (and backed up to my computer). So I guess that means I've lost everything. I had a LOT of very important stuff in AK notepad, including some passwords that were really hard to get from the central IT department. I may never be able to get them to give those up again.

    I think I'll be using something other than AK notepad as I rebuild this store of information. I REALLY wish you'd have made a point of explaining this when I first installed the app. I'll be warning the 100 or so Android users in my office to avoid it as well.

    One last question: how were we supposed to move our data to a new phone then without sending my store of company passwords to your servers (sorry, I don't trust any company enough for that)? Do you expect us to re-type all that data every time we buy a new phone?

    Not using AK Notepad is no big loss, it's OK, but nothing astounding. It's not like there isn't a dozen just like it.

  9. udawggy

    udawggy New Member

    I did a backup using retro backup. Guess what? AK notepad... Everything GONE! Fail, and now we know why. Lost some important shit. I'll be using something else now.
  10. dll6

    dll6 New Member


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